Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Goku, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. Is there not something that can be done to stamp down on these attention seeking trolls?
    I was thinking that when an arrse account is created the new member would have to declare their regimental number, then those who start making a nuisance of themselves without a valid number could have their accounts and IP addresses banned from the sight after a vote?

    I’m thinking along the lines of our new friend Trillian and previous goons like Yannie and Monserrat (was that his name??)
  2. Just getting a bit (just a bit, mind) picky but...regimental numbers, fine for UK users, but what about non-UK users? What about having some sort of a forum for new people to the site, after a certain time and posts (not number of posts alone, as this will encourage trolling) let them onto the site as a whole...?
  3. I though regimental numbers would be a good way of identifying our own lads, as this is a sight for the British army we don’t really want to go around booting out own chaps, although abusing each other is perfectly fine.
    Those that couldn’t be identified as a British soldier and who turned out to be a troll of the more annoying nature could then be put to a vote as to weather or not they are kicked from the sight.
    I like your idea of a new members forum, but we do get a lot of people asking questions about recruitment or just general questions about the army. Wouldn’t be right to restrict people like them from here.
  4. Do you mean army numbers? If we used our army number the site would no longer be anonymous. The beauty of this site is that other ranks can say wat they want without fear of reprisal from superiors. I think you just have to keep it as it is. If you don't like someones posts either tell them or ignore them.
  5. I would of thought a £2 joining fee payable by paypal or c/c would deter these peen-arrses from registering, then again if they want to its their money!
  6. Fair point Lairdx, but if personal information such as our numbers were stored in a database that only the sight owners (goodCO and badCO is it??) could access, and if that information was protected by the data protection act, then our identities would still be protected and we would have a method of weeding out the unwanted.

    Just an idea I thought might be worth considering.
  7. fair one but how would they regualte which are genuine army numbers and which are made up ones? They would need access to records fo that and it would be a big job and a lot of work for them.
  8. I don’t know how easy it is to get up-to-date records of army numbers.
    If there’s no hassle involved and it’s free then it would simple boil down to creating a database with an appropriate search to compare a submitted number with an official number.
    If getting hold of official records involves a lot of red tape and money then my idea becomes too much effort to control a small group of fools.

    Maybe the idea of a small joining fee is better? Or the tried and tested method of mindless abuse. :twisted:
  9. Or we could just go ahead and let the CO's decide, oh wait, it's been discussed and decided on before.....

    Maybe the site should just turn itself over to the new and the brave?

  10. Got no probs with new folk - we were all there once and just as annoying I daresay.

    And if that doesn't open the floodgates, nothing will... :D

    Edited to add: Apart from that utter fcuking waste of skin and genetic material that is 'Trillian' - just read the thread. :evil:
  11. DYKE! I knew you'd be looking to put that bloody finger somewhere!

    No problems with newbies, the link i posted earlier wasn't read i fear, this isn't a new idea, it's been going on since the dawn of trollism.......

    Read the link and get the message :)


    PS see i can be nice as well Lairdx you sh*tbag.
  12. BBC

    Done and s-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-n! :D

    To recap: New folk always welcome. Some will be unbelievably annoying - this is the price we pay to keep the good ones, some of whom we may fall out with from time to time - such is life. 'Trillian' is garbage, as are all her kind, although she may improve with time - like 'Anya3480574blah' did (eventually). We don't need pointlessly divisive measures like 'passwords' and secret symbols and such - ARRSE fulfills me as it is! :D
  13. :: Serious Mode ::

    I was once a voluntary moderator on an extremely busy web forum. We had about 12,000 registered members and the forums were, frankly, mental. I had death threats, DoS attacks, Google-bombing, porn-spamming and all sorts of grief from assorted losers, trolls, adolescent nut-cases and every other shade of weirdo inbetween.

    The lesson I learnt from it (apart from getting upgraded IT security) was that trolls are the internet's version of bad weather: a pain but unavoidable. And I know it's an old message, but it really works: just ignore them They will go away.

    That you have so few trolls here, relatively speaking, is a testament to your online community and moderators. Banning people just encourages multiple alt.identities and spamming. Just ignore them: they post to get a bite and for no other reason.

  14. Moral of the tale.......

    God I'm getting good at this.....

    Beebs ;)