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Trolls vs. Al-Qaeda - any volunteers


Book Reviewer
A good starting point might be this bunch of sensitive ban-happy loons? Iran Defense Forum - Powered by vBulletin

You will need...

a mate(s)
a sense of humour

The game is to see how ridiculous you can get without the Mods sussing and banning you. Dont claim you have a luxury apartment for rent in Elahieh but you will only accept payment in jet-skis. It's been done.
Just explain how to make home-made HE from, say, sodium hypochlorite from their local swimming pool and some battery acid.

Or how boiling up some sulphuric acid, chucking in some nails and then disolving potassium permanganate in it would be a good way to do the same.


Book Reviewer
I seem to remember our tech spooks hacked a Al Q website and swapped a bomb recepie for a cupcake one? Proof that they have a sense of humour outside the sports accessories sector.

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