Trolling - The Mails new hobby horse

While trolling the dead is indeed sick he does look like a bit of a spazzy weed with arms like pipe cleaners so perhaps getting him a moped was not the best of ideas.

I think mother dear has just woken up to the fact that her son was not well liked by the local youf before he carked it.
Interesting - "Odd" looking ginger kid,mother slightly plump and no one makes any comment about either.Is the new improved arrse getting the message across?
Nobody has given any thought to the effect on an innocent wall I presume?
Tsch, youth of today, got it easy, in my day you had to get up at crack of dawn walk the streets to find a nice fresh dog egg, wrap it in newspaper, AND walk to her house and post it through letterbox before the paper got soggy.

Now its all done at the push of a button from some call centre in India, there's no pride, where's the craftsmanship in that?

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