Troll-free Chat!

Well, it took the tears of a grown man, but we finally have the means to chat without trolls.

Tonight was a turning point.

Well done to all concerned! :D
It's true, Darth has re invented the wheel, this shites on the moon landings, this is troll free chat but you can still troll bait if you so wish!!
On reflection, i didnt play this up quite enough, imagine a world without speed cameras, imagine a place where your kids can play safe in the street, imagine there IS a heaven.......DARTH has led us to the inner sanctom.

He has become larger than god( quote John Lennon)

Darth for prime minister ( tony bliar)

A truely wonderful gift from the heavens (God)
Slug slaps Invictus.

1. For having a pop at Slopes.

2. For having a name in capitals (Stop shouting).

3. For being a window licker.

That's all I have to say about that.

I'll get my coat.


I hope Toshiba and Codename read this and understand what has happened.
ARRSE has found a way to prevent you both from chatting with the rest of us.

How ironic that the first time I try the chat room (with sole the intention of abusing Toshiba all night) that this should happen.

Stand erect and squre to the front and give darth a proper military salute. Beacuse he knows this is gonna pee the trolls off no end!!

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