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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by poo_finger, Dec 23, 2010.

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  1. Has anybody had any past experience in dealing with this company, Trojan Group UK
    I put in an order with them 3 weeks ago and have yet to recieve it, and they have not as yet responded to any of my e-mails regarding the order, funnily enough they were uber quick in taking the payment.
    Normally i'd ring them however I'm overseas so it's a tad difficult.
    The website seems legit and payment system done securely, I don't really want to bad mouth the company before hearing anybody elses views or experiences, but i'd say err on the side of caution before placing an order with them.

    Edited to add:
    The Company got in touch via e-mail around the same time this was posted, It would seem my order was lost in the post and my first e-mail regarding it hadn't been received.
    Andy the Managing director of Trojan was very helpful in chasing up where the order had gotten to, albeit unsucessfully (F*cking christmas mail).
    He then re-sent the order plus a couple of freebies at no extra charge and I received these within the week.
    Stirling customer service, kept me informed throughout once comms were established and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
  2. Yep, I bought some stuff off them about 4 months ago, the order came incomplete but 1 email and they responded quickly to a picking error in the warehouse and sent me the remainder. Currently based away and there were no issues with BFPO.
  3. could just be the weather mate i havent got any post in about 2 weeks now.
  4. They are based in Leigh near where i live now i have been to the office to get stuff off them they are usually top notch.
  5. Trojan Tactical are legit : bought plenty from 'em

    British post = Broken...very broken....
  6. Good company. Had a bit of a wait for a patch that I bought off them but as it was custom made in the US that was understandable. They kept me informed and I was more than happy with them.
  7. Same here I've evan bought from thier ebay shop its the post thats focked.
  8. Hi, I am sorry you have not recived your order, I can assure you that your order has been dispatched and as to your email we have only recived the 1 contact us form that we recived this morning, and that I have replied to today. as I have said in your email to you, BFPO and Royal Mail are been a nightmare at present but I will track this end for you I will also get the your tracking info over, I have also given you my direct email as the office is closed for the Christmas period but I will look into this. Wishing you a safe and Happy Christmas
    Andy MD Trojan Group / Trojan Tactical
  9. Was anyone else expecting a thread about DPM condoms? Nope? Just me, really?.........well have a merry ******* christmas then.
  10. Ah it wasn't just me then . . . And here's me wondering if they do it in MTP ?!? ;-D
  11. What's that for, a spot of covert flashing?
  12. Delivery is a nightmare at the moment....
  13. I've bought patches from them in the past. Arrived pretty quickly with no spelling mistakes which is all I want. Ordered a second batch from them. I'll brief you when they arrive.

    One problem with Trojan Tactical is the fact you have to log in and register. I use a bunch of different computers, have about 20 odd passwords to remember and so have to email them every time I order to get reminded of the password. Don't know why you can't buy stuff as a guest.
  14. Is the fact you register a major factor? Only we use that method and would reconsider if it was a turn off ;)