Trojan removal help

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by BossHogg, Nov 28, 2008.

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  1. I believe that my computer has been infected with a trojan, how and when, I haven't got a clue. A colleague at work who's a bit of a IT whizz has recommended "Smitrem" do any of you fine arrsers have any other advice reference removing it. Failing that, I've got nothing important to save, I'll just reformat and wipe everything clean and start again. The only ballache is reinstalling all my bits and pieces :roll:
  2. Can you not do a system restore?
  3. Download The Cleaner from, designed for trojan removal, get a free 30 day trial.

    Hope that helps
  4. I've tried but to no avail :(
  5. The trojan isn't IS Autorun, by any chance?
  6. You need to build a big wooden horse! They can't stay away from's like lemmings to a cliff!
  7. Have a read of this Smitfraud.

    There is also a link to a fix programm.
  8. some nasties apparently wait in here to be brought back to use upon restore.

    Correct me if Im wrong.

    Re format - re-install then get Avast.

    Thats what the Mods on here helped me with and had no problems since.

    Well apart from Vista being pump....
  9. Depends what the Trojan is.

    Do a google search for trend micro CWS shredder and it will go straight to the removal tool page. Run it and it will clear some Trojans. Then run adaware (free 30 day trial) and clean out all temp folders and mru lists. If still there in autorun??, , install hijack this exe. and carefully delete process applications that you have not personally installed. Failing that, a good shoeing is merited.
  10. XP or Vista operating system?
  11. As suggested - google for name of Trojan, try one of the free scans. May have start in safe mode and manually remove it. I have hijack this which is free and handy for such events. Only tells you what's running though
  12. Download and install AVG, its free.
    Do a full system scan and remove anything that shows.
    Then download and install Ad-Ware, do a full system scan and remove anything.

    If your still having an issue get back to me and we can go through a HiJackThis log.
  13. Sorry but FFS DON'T!!

    AVG gives false reports ansd doesn't find half of what it should and is just as bad to remove if not worse.

    Avast - honestly!!!

    Sorry TerryW
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Correct. AVG is a bit of a disappointment. I now only recommend or . Yes you have to pay, but it is worth it. Worth noting that both of these have an online version which you can run in Internet Explorer for free.

    If you bank with Barclays you can get for free

    Back to the topic -

    This is one of the better applications for removing trojans:

    P.S. More here:
  15. I would suggest you start here

    there forums are very useful. they once helped me thorugh a nasty attack that crippled my pc. Having been through that I've got fairly good at removing viruses.

    I recommend getting spy bot and running it. You should also download Avast or AntiVir Pe. Depending on the state of your registry you may also want CCleaner. All of these should be run in safemode to stop the trojan booting up in the memory. They're all free and normally availiable on download .com

    If this doesnt work post on the forums above. Make sure you read what they ask you to do before hand to speed up the process