I've suddenly found this horrible fucker on my 'puter. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it. F-Secure says it cant access it to quarantine it and my anti malware wont start to get rid of it. HELP!! 8O
Boot up puter and before the Win logo comes up press f8 on keyboard it`s a bit tricky if you miss it boot again.

You should see a menu
Go to "start in save mode with network support"
It only loads the critical system data and then try to run you progs to remove it or if you know what file is infected you can remove it.
Try superantispyware then.

And let us know the results.

I've tried but the link doesn't appear to be working, whether it's the trojan stopping it from accessing the site, I don't know. 8O
I've downloaded superantispyware from another computer and burn't it to disc, but the trojan wont let me install it. 8O
worst case isolate your documents (put it on a memory stick or hard drive) if you have a recovery disk, recommend you format it. then get yourself protected again, and then check the memory stick or hard drive) for any viruses or problems

this is an extreme and worst case option.. however for future thought if possible try and use an external harddrive where possible and not your local..
This may just be the push I've needed to bite the bullet and get a larger hard drive. I've been running 2 80gb, its about time I got a decent large drive. I've knocked my computer off for the night and i'm posting this on my phone. Thanks for all the replies so far, i'm quite lucky in that I backed a lot of my data to disc when I first installed vista so I haven't got that much to back up. I'll try and get it sorted, but failing that, I might wait and get MS7 as well as a new hard drive and put both in at the same time. ;)
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