Trojan Dialer problems?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Hitlerwasabitnaughty, Oct 8, 2006.

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  1. Is anyone else having problems with a pain in the arse with Trojan Dialers?

    I am having a hell of a time with trojan.dialer.qs - tried everything I can think of to get rid of the cnut to no avail.

    Has anyone had it and managed to get rid of it? If so would they mind telling how they did?

  2. Suggest you try
    that has cleared them when I have had similar problems
  3. You've been looking at naughty websites again haven't you Hits??? (casts the first stone)

    Use an up to date AV package and that should solve the problem.
  4. I presume you've used an anti-virus programme.

    And Spybot, Ad-aware and A-squared (all freely downloadable).

    And Windows Defender (also free).

    And Windows Live (also free).

    You could also download ntl's Netguard (though you may have to be a subscriber for this).

    These seem to work for me. Not that I'm neurotic, you understand.
  5. What exactly is the problem? Are you simply unable to delete the trojan or does it keep re-appearing after you have deleted it?

    Depending on the problem, it might be that you need to turn off System Restore (assuming that you are using Windows). Delete all of the problem files and then re-enable System Restore. System Restore protects files and can prevent Anti-Virus/Adware software from deleting them.
    Choose the virus section.
    Post your problems and a senior member-probably Jars- will help you.

  7. Dialler?

    Are you still using dial-up?

    Or is this something totally different which also affects broadband?

    Dial-up is useless for porn! You're half-way to the tickly bit, before the photo is finished downloading......and it's a real bummer when you eventually find out that the model with the big tits has a massive c0ck to match!
  8. Broadband? What's that?

    Try StopZilla. Kills all known viruses dead. And to be doubly sure, are you running Firefox?
  9. Spybot - GOT
    Ad-Aware - GOT
    Windows Defender - GOT
    Windows Live - GOT
    AVG Anti Virus - GOT
    AVG Anti-Spyware - GOT
    XoftSpy - GOT
    Latest version of Firefox - GOT

    None of them have made a blind bit of difference. Fcuking thing keeps coming back. It doesn't stop me accessing t'Internet or downloading. But booting up in XP is noticeably slower.

    And the_matelot, you grubby grubby man, I only got it after downloading and installing MS Office 2003 Pro. Smartarse. :p
  10. if you are using win xp everytime you install you save info in the system recovery section your virus hides in there and self replicates. I use spybot s&d a freeware programme that runs in tandam with avg or avira
    one you have a clean system you can enable it to protect your filea and not change anything without your permission. it is also good for programmes that say they are free(lphant p2p) and then try to install adware.
  11. install spyware doctor

    best tool for gettin rid of $hite like that

    its about $30, or free if you look in the right places ;)
  12. yes like here
  13. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer


    Run this once a day to shift most stuff from your hard drive.

    Apart from that I would look at the report from the virus scan then search the web for geek discussions. They always have an answer.