Discussion in 'RAC' started by hansvonhealing, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. Came across this, from the Government News Network.
    Friday 3 November 2006 09:42
    Ministry Of Defence (National)

    New armoured vehicles join the Army

    The first of a new breed of armoured engineering vehicles - named TROJAN and TITAN - were unveiled today. The vehicles, which weigh over 60 tonnes and are capable of speeds of up to 56km/hr, are the most capable that the Army has ever operated.

    Under a £250 million contract with BAE Systems, the Royal Engineers are taking delivery of 66 state-of-the-art vehicles which can overcome almost every obstacle on the modern battlefield.

    TROJAN can plough through minefields, build trenches and dig defensive ditches while TITAN can lay a bridge over a 26 metre gap in two minutes, making it the fastest in the world at this task. This gives commanders a potential battle winning edge and allows them to choose from a more flexible range of armoured vehicles.

    Lord Drayson, Minister for Defence Procurement, said:

    "The purchase of both TROJAN and TITAN is good news for our Armed Forces as it gives them increased capability and reliability on the front line. TROJAN and TITAN will greatly increase the options available to commanders and represent a major improvement in terms of performance, tactical mobility and protection."

    Notes to editors:
    1. TROJAN and TITAN will replace the Chieftain based Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineer (ChAVRE) and the Armoured Vehicle Layer Bridge (ChAVLB). They are being procured by the Engineer Tank Systems Integrated Project Team at the Defence Procurement Agency, MoD Abbey Wood, near Bristol.

    2. TROJAN and TITAN will increase the ability of the Royal Engineers to provide specialist support to combat troops, including construction of field defences, obstacle crossing and route clearance.

    3. TROJAN is first and foremost a minefield breaching vehicle. It will prepare routes, mark safe routes using an Obstacle Marking System, breach complex obstacles and provide short dry and wet gap crossing utilising its excavator arm, earth moving blade and a midi fascine.

    4. TITAN will carry and lay the current range of In-Service Close Support bridges laying them faster, and in a wider variety of terrain conditions, than previous equipment. Both vehicles will have purpose designed hulls, will incorporate Special to Role equipment and have major assemblies common to the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank.

    5. TROJAN and TITAN will have wide ranging utility across the spectrum of military operations and environments. In addition to their primary roles, the vehicles are designed to mount and tow the current range of in-service Royal Engineer equipment (PYTHON, AVRE Trailer, Track/Full Width Mineploughs and earth moving blades).

    6. 98% of the sub-contracts have been placed with UK suppliers.
  2. About time they got some updated gear. Mind you I bet the old Chieftain based systems will still be around for a few years. We (15/19H) were still using Cent ARV's in the 90's!!!
  3. 2 Points

    1. Shouldn't this be on the Sapper board

    2. They sound like condoms
  4. My god, this reminds me of my Mrs seeing a Warrior on TV and calling it a tank...
  5. Allready there.
  6. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Local radio announced last week, "Two tanks are being unveiled at Bovington today."

    That was it. Didn't really give us much to go on did it? And then they're bliddy Engineer vehicles!!!

    As for "Two tanks are being unveiled at Bovington today", what a scoop!!!

    Ranks alongside "Rifles fire bullets"
  7. Shocking eh.
  8. Then it stops
  9. They were at ATDU when I was poking about, I asked them why they still used the old scissors-style bridgelaying method. (i.e: Sticking half a bridge 40 feet straight up into the air, advertising to all and sundry "Hey! We're putting the bridge down over here!!!"). Answer I got was akin to "Well, it works."

    I don't know if the Germans don't have the right idea with the sliding Biber style. The Yanks copied it for Wolverine.

  10. You must be able to bridge higher opposing banks with the scissors-style method?
  11. Is Wolverine actually going to enter service? I remember reading something on Tanknet a while ago to the effect that it had been cancelled.
  12. It's one of those on-again/off-again things. Last I heard, Grizzly was still dead, and Wolverine had a limited (like 40) order.

    My information could be old.

    Don't think so. The ground clearance/elevation for the 'far' end looks to be about the same as it's unfolding.

  13. I'm with 32 Engineers at the moment and we are due to receive Titan and Trojan early next year. If we receive them in time we'll be using them in Poland.For those of you who love Chieftan in a perverse kind of way the last ones are still as reliable as ever!.The young Craftys nearly cry (in some cases they do) when they're sent to work on them, having been told that they don't exsist anymore!.
  14. I wonder how long those exposed hydraulic lines on the grab will last in a shooting war?
    Don't suppose the Engrs care really; I remember when those of us in 1RTR felt incredibly sorry for ourselves that we were the "last" on Chieftain. Quite unbelievable the beasts are still in service.