Trojan and Titan

Hello my RE brethren, creep, creep…

I was wondering if any of you kind chaps can post up or email ( some pictures of Trojan and Titan for a (wait for it) games project.

This is our projects website where you can see that I am genuine and picture examples of our work. You can see that we strive to get as real as possible.


P.S. Please do not flame me too much as I am not that much of a nerd honest.
Ah, yes thanks. I have got everything off the net that I can find. I know they are quite new bits of kit but pictures are like rocking-horse shite!
Was I alone in thinking condoms and vibrators.... ah well, could have helped if that was your query.... sorry..... :roll:


I'll send you some which may fit the bill
polar69 said:
Not played flashpoint for ages tankine boy, don't suppose you have anything to do with the flashpoint falklands mod do you ?
In a way yes. Their project leader is a good friend of mine.


Thank you.
is the game based around "the corps" the fella :?: :?:
I have wanted to make a command and conquer type game using proper vehicles with their real capabilities it would be awesome!!

but I was told that you wouldn't get the correct permission to use the real names and dimension etc!!

is this what you are planning, (because i can't open that page at work, it won't let me) if so send me PM as I have some great ideas!

as for you Ronnie you are the biggest playstation generation I ever knew in the corps!!
Ahhh SB... sigh... Love it except for the annoying spam voices but you can't have everything can you?
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