Trojan and Python in use in helmand, why not sooner?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TartanTrooper, Feb 19, 2010.

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  1. recently the trojan and python have been used in helmand clearing IED's, why has it taken them so long to realise mine clearing equipment clears mines?
  2. Up until now most incidents relating to IEDs' have been injuries on foot patrol or along a stretch of road. It would be impracticable to say the least if there was a trojan tearing up the ground in front of each sally, not great for hearts and minds either.
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    1. Because Trojan comes in at about 75 tons. So it can't go everywhere, and when it does, you know its been there (see above)

    2. Python is great at clearing mines. In a straight line. A couple of hundred metres long. And it destroys everything in its path and either side of it. So if the IED is placed in a built up area/house/wall/road/tree etc it cannot be used.
  4. What he said......
  5. fair enough they cant be used everywhere but the amount of deaths from legacy mines in the middle of the desert or on roads in the middle of no where (if a mastiff can drve on it afterwards then surely a motorbike will manage) means it could have been used for that ages ago
  6. do they have crarrv there now as well then hehehe?
  7. Also equipment support for Trojan and Titan is quite important. There is no point taking such kit out there unless you have the spare parts available, trained REME A mech's and somewhere for the kit to be serviced and worked on.

  8. YES,
  9. Trojan looks very impressive,but at that weight the areas of operation must be very limited.Python must cost a small part of the National Debt every time it's fired,unless loaded with ammonium nitrate nicked off talibs.Fascine-you're having a laugh.Much use as tits on a bull unless kryptonite is used for tube manufacture.If any Afghan kids have watched Transformers,you could scare them to death with it,otherwise it must have been designed for ETO,not much use in desert/mountain theatre.I know,I'm too old to know what I'm on about,STFU & do one,it's actually a hovertank etc :D :? :slow:
  10. Is Python the modern version of a Bangalore torpedo?
  11. Minestrikes in the middle of the desert are normally the result of people not realising that they're in a minefield, or hitting a mine that's not in one. If the former then people wouldn't be in it even if they could Python it first, if the latter then Python would not be of much use, unless one Pythons every single metre one drives along, which might be rather slow and expensive...

    If on a road in the middle of nowhere then perhaps it could get pythoned once, but what about the next time you drive along it? You can't Python it every time you go along or pretty soon nothing will be able to drive along it (exept perhaps that Flying Laser Tank that Dicky North is building in his shed) and you can't just leave it and presume it's been done as the OPFOR are quite good at noticing that kind of thing and might put something new in.
  12. And Titan?

  13. As you say, mine-clearing equipment clears mines. Most of fatalities and injuries are caused by IEDs. Different skills are needed to efffectively clear IEDs. An IED which incorporated mines either as a firing mechanism or main charge is still an IED.

    Flailing and ploughing up IEDs does not remove hazard, fails to gather intelligence/forensic evidence and will ultimately be quickly exploited by an innovative terrorist.

    Python is not the same as a bungalore torpedo (designed for breaching obstacles) it is more like the old Giant Viper. Whilst useful in very limited circustances it is not viable as a routine clearance method.
  14. How long will it be before Python is used in the anti-personnel role? One word- Javelin!
  15. I also forgot to add that a Ginster factory must be established in BSN to keep the tankies happy!