trnsfering to the regular army

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by mardon, Sep 21, 2011.

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  1. hi i am joing the TA this year and just wondering how long you have to serve for until your eligable to tranfer to the regs?

    thanks sean
  2. I don't think you transfer from the STABs to the regs, I think you do basic etc again....only its not a two week holiday.
  3. ha ok cheers
  4. There used to be a possibility of transferring under FTRS (Full Time Reserve Service) but I'm not sure if this option still exists. A good question to ask yourself is "What do I bring to the party?". The Infantry, if that's who you work for, are not short of Regular applicants who will have had more training than you. If you work for a different regiment where your civilian qualifications are useful than you may be more eligable for transfer. Contact your PSAO who should know more. Make sure you double check any transfer paperwork for speeling errars.

    Good luck.
  5. You can apply to join the Regular Army at any time but if you are already a TA soldier it can be harder than just a normal applicant. Firstly you need a letter of reccomondation from your CO and also then 203 Special Enlistment authority is sent by the Recruiter at the ACIO up to SO2 Soldier Casework Regular to assess and grant you permission to apply. Once this is done you do the whole selection process including BARB, Medical and ADSC plus basic training. It is slightly different if you have just completed a tour and may have to go up to MCM Div in Glasgow and may not have to do the whole selection/training and also if your currently on OPs and get asked if you want to transfer to Regs a hell of a lot easier. If in any doubt speak to your local ACIO for more details or PSAO.
  6. i know a few guys who transfered but that was only after doing a tour with the unit they were joining, dont know the details but it looked like an admin nightmare.
  7. ok thanks it sounds like alot of hassle!
  8. So why dont you go regular straight away? Or are you looking for the fabled 'easier back door route'?
  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Go regular if you know already you are interested in it.
    Unless being part of this appeals to you:


    You will also find that STABS are miserable cnuts with no sense of humour, whereas as HM Regular Forces (except the RAF and the NAVY) are the finest individuals you will ever meet.
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  10. crab air lol
  11. its not easier, but you do get used to it.
  12. everyone likes STABbing in the back door!

    on a serious note as said by the others it can be admin nightmare, when i was in the TA, the PSAO said he could help when i said i was interested in transferring to the dragoons, as it was his former regiment, or there was the FTRS route where you just kept extending it, or thirdly the tour route, but being the army all can be an equal admin nightmare, i left the TA last year and am in the process of getting fit to apply for the regs, as i see it as cheating a bit if i got in without doing the full 14 week phase 1 basic, but that's just me

  13. As said in my post its a possibility but needs to be done whilst out on tour, Ive seen a number of TA soldiers who had the chance out on tour who didnt decide to join until Endex and return to blighty. A few weeks later they decided to join but got turned down by MCM Div, if they had said yes whilst in Afghan they would of been accepted.
  14. Ok well I will see how it goes!:/

    I am joining A SQD royal Wiltshire yoemanry I hope because my uncle is there. they seem busy as they are recce reg I also have family in the hcav so it's the right root for me!