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The article is a great reminder that "Britishness" can be a great marketing characteristic, but only works when backed up by quality (which, years ago, used to be expected from everything with a "Made in Britain" stamp!).

I'm a Triumph owner myself, having decided to fly the flag when buying during an overseas tour, and I'm still quite proud of the interest shown in the bike whenever I use it abroad.

(One of the first Daytona Super III to escape - now considered old and heavy, but still great fun to ride!)


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My Dad has a Bonneville and I really really want a Street Triple....but alas will have to wait until I get back to the UK. :(
I've got a 955i Daytona Centennial and love it to bits.
Loads of usable power, grip and a chassis that was designed for British blokes on British roads and makes the best noise this side of MotoGP!
The fooking electrics are another matter though!!
Factory tour?

Would love too. Every year I keep saying I will but never got round to it!!
Most Trumpet Dealers organise them every few months. Really good day by all accounts.
samm1551 said:
My Dad has a Bonneville and I really really want a Street Triple....but alas will have to wait until I get back to the UK. :(
Those street triples look really good. I paricularly like the Street Triple R version. Saw one being test ridden up and down the A281 Horsham Rd. It really shifted! Test rider wasn't hanging about.
My first bike, Triumph Tiger Cub, proud day turning up at school on it road legal being able to ride it at 15. Mind you I still had to get a 'pass' from the deputy-head to be able to park it in the 'bike-sheds'. Daft thing was to get that you had to have a 'cycling proficiency certificate'. :!:

Production 1956-1968
Engine 199cc single cylinder OHV four stroke
Power 14 bhp @ 6500rpm
Transmission 4-speed gearbox to chain drive
I've got a 1998 T595 Daytona that just needed it's computer remapped for the exhaust I put on it. Cracking bike, handles similar to my old Kawasaki ZX7R but with loads more grunt and a lovely sound. Sails through MoTs, no electrical or mechanical issues so far but it is always garaged which helps.


The new Tiger looks good. Has anyone got one? What are they really like? (I hate reading the sales guff).
My mate's got a new Tiger, had it maybe 9 months, toured Europe on it for two weeks and he thinks it is great. Again, no issues. One thing that I have noticed between mine and the latest Triumph's is how highly engineered the new bikes are. Mine sounds gruff and there is a bit of mechanical noise but the new ones sound much tighter again with very little mechanical noise if any at all. I'd love a 1050 Speed Triple myself.
the new Tiger is a different beast than the old Tiger 955i. Apparently the engine is different on the fuel injection front. I think its a wee bit shorter wheel base and the rake seems steeper without looking at tech spec comparison. New bike is a little faster and a bit more grunt.... that'll be the extra cubes.

The gear box is a lot smoother, but had a difficulty finding neutral on my test ride. the brakes are stonking too. No travel like old Tiger.

The basic bike is just well, a basic bike. You have to buy all the gubbins as extra. (very BMW-esque). The old Tiger came with panniers centre stand, heated grips, handlebar had guards etc...
At the moment Triumph are doing a free £800 worth of accesories or clothing if you buy a new Triumph. I think offer runs out at end of Aug (not verified).
Got a Street Triple myself, fantastic bike, so well balanced it practically rides itself. Would like a Tiger one day, STriple is great, but a pain for long fast journeys.
Well, Picked up the Tiger 1050 yesterday! Looks splendid in black (like my soul). Goes good too. Running it in. first 100miles cleared. so revs can go to 5,000rpm now.

Still finding it hard to find neutral. I hope this sorts itself out. Otherwise I will take it back for dealer to look at.

For the free £800 worth of clobber I acessorised with hand guards, heated grips, panniers and top box rail(which incidentally you have to purchase the hand rail to fit! wot a gyp!) paid difference of £60.

Considering a touring screen and/or centrestand. save a wee bit more money first.

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