Tritium light source alternatives?

Gents, does anyone know of a replacement LED unit for the tritium light source in the SUSAT?

I know of something similar for the old SUIT but haven't actually seen the item?

Cheers GW :?

edited for missing out the important bit! :x
Try http:/ i have read there are a few solutions some useing an L.E.D. and also new tritium souces.
Go to the site and look under weapon discusions - Optics, there is info there.
Thanks plugbore, I will look tonight, work filters deny access to any social sites :-(
Trilux lights - used to put them on the old guy was sat looking at it and BSM 203 Bty John Rudd BEM erupted with "Divvent look at that lad, it's fookin nuclear!" How we all p1ssed ourselves at that. Mind you had to make you own fun in those days - no computer games in the CP!
The L2A2-LED illuminator
Is $45.00+5.00 shipping.

found one for the SUIT, pricey though

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