Triple fried double outrage with cheesy chips please

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tazzers, Feb 16, 2011.

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  1. As is their right. It doesn't change the fact that they allowed staff to kick the shit out of kids and guest speakers were allowed to preach bollocks.
  2. Sounds like a typical comprehensive in the late 60's.
  3. Call that outrageous? Pah!

    I'll see your religious zealots and raise you a vigilante:

    Linky and more linkies

    A boss landed with a £13,000 bill for "humiliating" an employee by forcing him to parade in public with a sign saying "thief" around his neck has said he does not regret his actions.
    Simon Cremer said he was "very hurt" over the betrayal of trust after he found former employee Mark Gilbert, 40, had written a company cheque for £845 to himself.
    He told ITV Daybreak he did not regret his actions as he believed Mr Gilbert's punishment - a police caution - was unjust.
    "It is a huge financial burden to have to find this money," he said. "Do I regret what I did? I don't know if I do, to be honest, because the police have given Mr Gilbert a caution for the theft which I don't believe is a just punishment."
    He added that he would have given a "pat on the back" if, in a hypothetical example, someone had meted out the same punishment to a teenage child of his caught in similar circumstances.
    "I would probably go and pat them on the back and say, 'If you have stolen some money, then that is exactly what you deserve'," he said.
    Mr Cremer said he had been "very pleased" with the support he had received over the incident.
    The 46-year-old, who runs a floor-fitting business in Witham, Essex, forced Mr Gilbert to wear a sign saying "THIEF. I Stole £845. Am on my way to the police station" in September 2008. Mr Gilbert was arrested on suspicion of theft but later accepted a police caution.
    Mr Cremer faced a charge of false imprisonment along with three other men but the case was dropped. The men agreed to be bound over to keep the peace at a hearing before a district judge in Colchester.
    Mr Cremer has made an out-of-court settlement to pay £5,000 compensation and £6,000 legal fees in a civil action brought by Mr Gilbert for the "humiliation" he suffered. Together with a £2,000 legal bill, the total amounts to £13,000. He has said he had no option but to settle as fighting the claim would have been too expensive.
    Copyright © 2011 The Press Association. All rights reserved.
  4. Azis, Head, said:

    "The students themselves are feeling in the spotlight. They feel victimised"

    Is that clever spin doctoring or just Freudian?

  5. The lad who was doing the robbing should have been charged with theft or fraud, but I think Cremer should have been jailed.
  6. It's outrageous that the programme be allowed to criticise an Islamic school, for, as any fule no, Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance, and if you very dare to criticise it they will kill you.
  7. I think the answer is to swap all the teachers from faith schools with those of another faith school every now and then .
    Enshrine it in law , so that jewish schools have to have islamic guest speakers and vice versa . We cannot have a situation where schools teach one dimensional religious views , particularly if they are extremist .
    Recoup some of the money spent by letting C4 film it and the Daily Mail report on it.
  8. Personally I didn't watch the Dispatches program because of the standard of their reporting in the past. They seem to pick a headline and go out of their way to prove that story without any form of balance at all.

    Now maybe on this occasion they have a real story and there are some schools that are being badly run. However, if that IS the case it should have been given to another program, one with more credibility, as Dispatches normally only does sensational hype, not balanced reporting. Funnily enough, the cry of Islamic Schools being badly run, seats of Islamic unrest and cruel to children are exactly the sort of hype I would expect from a Dispatches program, so prove nothing to me at all no matter how much selective secret filming they turn up. How long were they there and how much harmless footage did they have to throw away to get the stuff that would catch the headlines?
  9. For what? being nasty to the poor little lamb? he tries to steal over 800 quid and gets a caution...whooopsie do real incentive to not do it again. The boss was within his rights to make a citizens arrest and if the sign humiliated the cnut so fecking what?
  10. Thats immaterial if one single incident happened in a state run school of teachers, or guest speakers in the school making similar comments against muslims, there would be hell to pay immediately, MP's would be making statements in westminster, racial equity groups and religious leaders would be all over the news etc etc. I am not saying that that is a wrong thing, but whats good for the goose is good for the gander!
  11. Just 'cos the staff are devout doesn't make them saints. Or competent. One of my parents came out of the Catholic Church school system in London in the 40's and 50's. For every saintly little nun, there was an abusive violent hag.

    Human nature being what it is, I'd bet that any school run for the children of people with an unquestioning trust in the religiously trained will be liable to infiltration by the mad, bad and sad who hide their problems under thecassock, the burka or the turban and take it out on the kids.

    And of course the kids think its either normal, or can't tell their parents because obviously Father/Guru/Mullah.... wouldn't do such thing....He's a man of God.(ahem)
  12. I agree. But the point they are making is that this is happening BECAUSE it is an Islamic school, not that it is just a school with a problem. Making a story bigger, better and more news worthy. That IS sensationalist, that IS hype and that IS bad reporting, not balanced journalism.
  13. I see your concern Plant-Pilot, but in the interests of balance would the programme have been able to go to any average comprehensive" and show a comparison ?

    Gutter press mentality is not good, but it does not take away from the content, anmd make that not of concern?
  14. Methinks this is a case for a certain nameless Oomin Rites law firm.... allegedly.... they will rock up with fists full of forms so they the Beeb can be sued, sued and sued.... a bit like that stupid advert on ITV for 'Underdog'.....