Triple Espresso, Red Bull and Ginseng (Shaken - Not Stirred)


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While maidens and sprogs lie a-bed in peaceful slumber, my ill-paid labour keeps me up late at night, night after night, tapping away at the keyboard.

Given this doleful situation: Can anyone recommend a decent eye-opener?

I have just experimented with Iced Mocha and Jockish Whiskey, and while I remain awake, it was by no means a corker, flavor-wise.

Recipes, recommendations and hard-won experience are all welcomed.
Big bottle of cheapo ASDA redbull knock-off, blue charge or something its called. Strong coffee every 30 mins.

Family-sized dose of deep heat, apply to helmet and other sensitive areas. That'll keep you up.
Yup Blue charge 1L for a quid, try the new mixed fruit one its mint(I mean its good, not actually mint flavoured, wouldn't want to confuse anyone).
Relentless is good too, get the 50% fruit juice ones Immortus and Devotion. If you liked screech get Relentless Inferno it tastes exactly like when I made some screech and put it in the soda stream.
Cokes good too as a livener, but it makes me sneeze....;-P
Relentless is the best for keeping awake. Bit addictive though. I buy them in a 24 can slab from Costco for about £15. At worst one slab only lasted 4 days although I got shit loads done as sleep was impossible :)

All the different flavours make decent mixers for cheap vodka too.
Espresso Martinis.

Properly made they are akin to liquid cocaine. Plus they provide all the benefits of alcohol consumption without the staggering and dribbling. Too many will turn your bowels to water however.


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Espresso martinis? By gum, now that's a brilliant idea if ever I heard one. (Bows, tips hat)

Alas, I am not in the UK, so that various Red Bull combos are N/A here. Was thinking more along the lines of various foul concoctions of hot chocolates, piping hot teas, brandies, rums, etc


Wrap yourself in clingfilm then take some amphetamines. As a bonus you'll lose weight too.
My old essay mix was thus - coffee, cola and bourbon. The only problem is the bubbles are vile. The drink itself is delicious but the bubbles are evil and plentiful.
If you look back to the days of your basic training, I'm sure you'll realise the infallible method for staying awake is to fail a kit inspection.

Get your missus to chuck the contents of your wardrobe out of the window, kick your ironing down the corridor and then summon you to the front room in a different suit of clothes every hour for as long as you need to stay awake.

Creative. But how d'ye keep the Doris awake, eh?
Leave your credit card on the table and the laptop home page set to QVC. Getting her to go to sleep will be the problem.


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Espresso Martinis.

Properly made they are akin to liquid cocaine.
One hates to intrude, but define liquid cocaine would you? Are we talking cocaine dissolved in water, which will stay liquid. Or free base coke which will not. Or not until the baking soda acts and produces crack.

I guess it comes down to how you want to do your coke. Water soluble (coke - snort or inject) or not water soluble (crack - smoke).

Fruit based energy drinks are for fucking fruits.

Intriguing. I'll give it a go when I next have some of Mr. C. Cola's fine invention in the house.
Does require a little bit of effort, but definitely pure devil juice, best drank from a big ass coffee mug (we're talking SportsDirect freebie or larger) that has ideally been steeped by repeated uses of strong instant coffees over the weeks prior.


Piquet coffee. Made from 24 hr rat pack. Chuck in all the coffee, all the sugar, the drinking choccy, the water based choccy bar and the whole tube of sweetened condensed milk.
Brew up and you'll have the electric fleas for days.

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