Triple Darwin award

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tricky1982, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. A very sad story. I doubt if I could calmly stand by and watch my dog die either.
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  2. Totally understand that having dogs myself, but there seems to be incidents like this all the time with the dog usually turning up ok, guess panic sets in & common sense goes out of the window...
  3. Soon as the temperature drops and rivers and ponds freeze over there's always a handful every winter.

    Guess the short answer is to 'do people never learn' is no!
  4. Yes, the sensible thing would be to keep dog well away from ocean, however Dad seems to have gone to rescue teenager in this case.
  5. I dunno about Darwin but I remember being dangled by my feet, head first, held by my brother, head down under an overgrown rhodedendron bush to pull my labrador out of a frozen reservoir. The reservoir, Errwood, is deep and cold, people die of shock swimming in it in summer never mind in heavy winter clothes.
    The ice was very thin under the bush and the dog was exhausted. We were both in a very steep and precarious position, If either of us had fallen in we'd have been well fucked.

    That was my first gun dog that I could call my own and I'd do the same thing now for him, if he were alive, or any of my dogs!
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  6. Nearly been there. Jumped into an ice-covered river to "rescue" the pup, thrashing about freezing my nads off, only to spot the damn thing watching me from the bank....
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  7. This is why the emergency services sometimes rescue animals. Not because it's part of their responsibility, but because they know that some member of the public will try to rescue the animal instead. As the emergency services, such as Fire Brigades and coastguard, have equipment that they are trained to use. It's marginaly safer for them to do it. Mind you, I do begruge the cost of using proffesionals a little, although it does count towards their training as well so there is a benefit I suppose. However, I would hate to hear that a member of the emergency services was injured or killed trying to save a pet. People before property I say, and that includes pets.
  8. Just been talking about this with a workmate, the working theory now with the RNLI, Fire service and the like is now that if they attend an incident like this they save the animal first. Apparently people get so upset about the pet being rescued they kick up like fuck. What price human life ?
  9. Isn't it a bit foolish to think you'll be able to swim better dragging a dog than the dog will by itself?
  10. Of course it is, but if they're thick enough to attempt it let them get on with it, and drown.
  11. Of course its stupid to think that you can swim better towing a dog, but if they're stupid enough to go in in the first place do they deserve to be rescued, daft bastards, let them drown.
  12. Many years ago I shot one of mine rather than watch it fight against a rather large swell and a cliff. Dog had actually been blown over the edge. Such is life.
  13. Well, remember those times when you throw a ball or stick for the dog? and sometimes you pretend to throw it and the dog runs off looking for it, but you have it all the time? Well guess what? The dog remembered that and got his own back.
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  14. Likely still in the dogs mouth when it swam itself back to the shore