Triple Crown/Corps Day

I am going to the Triple Nippple team Captain of Mil Skills team, were all fat! As for Corps day, rusty needle in my eyes springs to mind... the only way my boss let me off going, as she is forcing the det to go, is it is my anniversary on Sat!
I'd rather cut my own feet off.

Besides which, I'll be on a ROAD TRIP!!!!!!
Even the boy isn't triple crowning it this year...he's busy sending all the Engineers who've fucked him off to deepest, darkest Scandinavia! (Well strictly speaking it's Scotland, but its SO far North its splitting hairs to differentiate)
I'm going but I dont know anyone on here so in response to the OP - no.

Haven't done one before as I am an old nig. Any good?


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My (depleted) Det are sending a team for the Triple Clown, but I won't be there as I am having my toes hacked about by a doc on that day. As for the Corps Day on the Saturday... Tumbleweeds spring to mind!
First (last?) Corps Day for me after many years in the Corps. I'm going with an open mind. If it's good we'll stay, if it's crap we'll go down town (or back to the hotel to make our own fun). Can't lose really.
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