Triple Amputee Sapper abused in street

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Roger_The_Cat, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. Its been already done
  2. "Its been already done "

    Gosh you are clever.

    Maybe - maybe the poster did not see the other thread?
  3. sorry, couldnt see it.

    still mad though
  4. I didn't put it in its own thread, to be fair, it was tagged into another one. One of the 'chav' ones i think!
  5. So its *not* been done?
  6. h a chav one. That will be why a lot of folk haven't seen it then
  7. I never saw the first post so I will respond to this.

    The people of this country are so low in their moral standards I think the country is beyond help. The worrying thing is it doesnt surprise me.

    Good on Sapper Weston for keeping the positive attitude and wanting to remain in the forces, you are a credit to the country.
  8. oooh girls...get you lot!! Handbags etc etc :D

    Its inHERE

    I just didn't want to start YET another thread about yob culture...see?
  10. Hey you STAB fcuker, what you doing on here, isn't this site for real Soldiers?
  11. What a delighful British scene....

    I wonder if the taunters would grasp the irony if we broke their limbs and laughed... "taunt a wounded hero, and you should expect to get hurt" ?
  12. Blindfolds - Wall - Bang

  13. pfft blindfolding them is NO fun!!
  14. I can feel the tears run down my face as i am writing this .
    Those disgraceful people who treated Sapper Matthew Weston in this way should be totally ashamed of themselves ,This young lad have endured this trauma fighting for Queen and Country and he is a Hero and they are a total disgrace for treating this young soldier in this way and i sincerely hope they are named and shamed for treating this young soldier in this way