Triple A / AAA / Army Awareness Activity - Royal Signals - Blandford


So I've just been down to Blandford for an AAA as I'm thinking of joining the Sigs and I thought I'd share my experience with anyone else who's booked in for the same so that they know roughly what to expect.

The full report follows but here's a brief overview of what I came away with -

*There was no preparation for the assessment, no bed making lessons, very little phys and no shouting. All things I was told to expect.

* I didn't need anywhere near as much sports gear as they told me in the paperwork. One set and some shorts to wear under the coveralls would have been fine.

*The signals seem to be a great group of soldiers.

*Never forget your a civilian. It's nice to joke and have a laugh with these guys but it's not nice watching them have to control themselves when you cross the line but they have to be nice to you.

*Don't bother with a notepad, we never used one.

*Gurkhas are bad ass and their curry is delicious.

*The whole thing is worth is just for the museum tour if nothing else.

Day one -
You'll either get to the train station on time and have to wait for those who can't because they live too far away to make it there on time, or you'll be one of those who lives too far away to make it on time and everyone will think it's your fault you're late.
Once at camp you'll be shown your quarters and then taken to get a visitor pass, after that you'll have lunch and then really get into the swing of things by sitting a presentation. This will most likely be followed by another presentation and then you'll be fitted for your coveralls. Then it's back to your quarters before dinner. After dinner you'll get a free ticket to the cinema. If you don't want to watch the film then you can stay in your room but someone has to stay there with you as you always have to be in pairs when not escorted.

Day two -
Get up, go for breakfast in your coveralls. If you get up late then there will be no breakfast left and everyone will be pissed at you, so don't. Then there's another presentation. After this you will get to go and look around some radio gear, which is why you came after all. If you're lucky then one of the signallers will impart some horrible truths about being a signaller that could put you off, our Bowman engineer did. Then it's time for some team building games. Once you're done with that it's a tour of the base (by bus, because it's big and some guys were fat) then a tour of the museum, hopefully with the curator because that guy is a legend. He managed to have even the most immature and cockey juniors enthralled by the end. Then lunch. After this you'll either go for a run or some football depending on who's doing the planning. Then you'll be off for another presentation, probably about the EWSO role, and mostly about the incredibly thorough background check they give you. Prepare to have your porn preferences laid bare and your online history scoured to see if you can be blackmailed. After this you get to put on some cannot paint and play with a radio set. Then dinner, and on to an evening spent in the WRVS playing pool and darts and chatting shit, wishing you were allowed in the bar like the junior officers on the same course are. Then off to bed.

Day three -
Get up, strip your beds, fold everything. Breakfast and then a presentation about assessment and basic from the careers centre people, then lunch and home.

I hope this helps.


War Hero
Useful this.
Tried to find one on the Royal Engineers AAA a while back, can imagine it would be much of a muchness.
Thanks for posting.

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