Trip_wire what advice would you give?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by ctauch, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Trip_wire what advice would you give to the following question

    would it be somthing like this?

  2. link?
  3. links to what?
  4. Links to Mrs Shithouse's porn site, you creep.
  5. What are you on about Ctauch?

    Is this meant to be humour or a slagging off? Either way it appears inane
  6. Sorry have no links to your mom's homepage and please don't post them other then in the NAAFI.
  7. ctauch,
    Are these PM's to and from Trip_Wire on another site perchance?

    Or is it just how you imagine he'd reply to such a message?

    It's all rather cryptic....
  8. Is not a PM but actual email, as such I am reluctant to post the emails here since it would reveal his email address, which based on his preferences on this site he does not wish to have exposed.

    There is a second exchange as well.
  9. Shithouse,

    you, sir, are a fecking rock.
  10. Sorry I'm not, and even in your best dreams you still can't smoke me. Besides you implied your don't swallow, why waste it if you don't want to taste it. ;-)

    Now back to mommies t!t please you're trying to hijack the thread.

    BTW where is trip_wire, Mr TR the GB himself?
  11. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I find that the use of this particular exchange a violation of my personal e-mail security, as well as being a ‘cheap shot.’ by ctauch, in revenge for our previous disputes on this board. He deliberately misrepresented himself, in an in an effort to use the gained data, to try to embarrass me. At least he didn't post my e-mail address here. I notice his isn't available either.

    I do not find ctauch’s attempts at ‘humor,’ (?) or his feeble attempts at revenge or to try and embarrass me, not very honorable, as a fellow former soldier, or fellow American. I consider it very juvenile and ignorant on his part.

    He said he was going to nit-pick and harass my posts on ARRSE, every-time he got the chance. In this case he set me up by writing an e-mail asking a question as quoted, supposedly by a teenager, however, he was the person writing it.

    I was suspect of the post; however, I replied to this supposed kid, in all honesty. How do you real tell somebody about combat? Yes, I’ve been there and done that; however, to describe combat, to a ‘teenager’ or any non-combatant, is difficult at best. IMHO. I replied with what I thought was good advice, which I would offer anybody, that asked me those same questions.

    I thought the best advice I could give anybody, to include, 'ctauch,' who hasn’t been in combat either, was to pick some movies, that most US combat Veterans, that I know, think (To include myself.) are realistic and representative, of combat. So, yes, I made the recommendations that you see here. Some here, may have some other opinions of my choices, however, IMHO and many other combat veterans, I have talked to, they are some of the best.

    Since this ‘teenager,’ (ctauch ) had an interest in becoming a special operations soldier, I also gave him by opinion, of the best route to do this, which in my opinion is that way to do it.

    I replied to this post & thread, against my better judgement, as well as his other nit-pick post on the SF Walt.

    In the future, if he continues with his devious and juvenile attempts to screw around with my posts, or makes new threads like his one, I will ignore his futile attempts at revenge, or whatever it is, he is trying to accomplish with his ignorant juvenile behavior here. :pissedoff:

    BTW: It appears that my public apology, for maligning your service to your country, was not accepted, and was a gross waste of my time. I thought, perhaps, you would accept it as a grown man; however; given that you have started, what you said you would do, in your PM threats to me, i. e. to nit-pick my posts as well as other devious attempts to embarrass me, and/or play e-mail charades, etc. The aplogy still stands; however, I think your behavior here, tends to show your true colors and attitudes. :thumbdown:

    Note: I noticed that the in second post from the supposed 'kid,' his entire answer wasn't quoted. His reply, even the part that is left in the return post, after I gave him my response was IMHO not responsive to the advice offered and indicated to me that 'he,' wasn't really looking for advice from me or caring what I told him. He seemed to be a know it all teenaged kid. So I told him to use his google finger and leave me alone. I would do the same thing again under the same circumstances.

    So, what's the point of posting crap like you're posting here ctauch? The whole e-mail thing was a stupid juvenile charade on your part, and it seems to me, that you are only compounding your stupidity, by continuing to post this inane crap here. Whats your point?

    Trip_wire what advice would you give to the following question

    I noticed your sig line on a guest book for XXXXXX. I am graduating this year from high school and want to enlist and go to Iraq to kill terrorists. My parents are not going tosign th formsto get me in delayed entry, seein that i'm not 18 yet. I turn 18 in june and will join. My question is wat is combat like and I want to go special forces what advice do you have? the recruiter won't give me any information since my dad told him not to,m man he will really seaz when he finds out I joined.


    would it be somthing like this?

    Hi ,

    I suggest that you finish school first. Have you watched the movies, saving We Were Soldiers Once... and Young, Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk down? These movies may give you a little idea of what combat is about! There is no glory in combat, its kill or be killed or maimed.

    I suggest that you sign up for the Ranger program and after basic, then go to airborne school, RIP and Ranger school and get yourself into one of the Airborne Ranger BNs. After you do all this, think about Special Forces, if your still interested.
  12. Good advice, I would have added, Cross of Iron, No Mans Land, Look and See, The Battle of Algiers and Zulu on the must watch list though.
  13. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I agree with your choices; however; I wanted to keep it in the American Army and Spec Ops as well, although the one was 1st Cavalry. :thumright:
  14. I do not see any need for any embarassment on your part.

    Seems pretty sound straight forward advice to me.

    Christ I only joined cause some old ballie had me believing I got to keep what I killed. :threaten:
  15. Responded as follows:
    and then this:

    Now what could have caused this response to the reply?