Trip to Africa?

Anyone for an ARRSE crawl in Africa?

No, seriously though. I know there are specialised forums for this sort of thing but I would like to know if anyone here has ever been or intend taking a trip to the African continent either as part of an organised group/tour thing or by their own means? Maybe as part of a mil exped?

If so, what challenges did you encounter?

It is something I've recently thought more and more about and would like to do in a couple of years. I think I have the right vehicle for it now.


Aunty Stella said:
Tried, tried, tried, couldn't resist.

I have a map of Africa on my mattress :)

And your pants. MDN sent me photos......
G/F done a tour of SA and a few others last year I'll get some info off her who she done the tour with she really enjoyed it visited a few places and not just SA
brettarider said:
G/F done a tour of SA and a few others last year I'll get some info off her who she done the tour with she really enjoyed it visited a few places and not just SA
Thank you brettarider, I look forward.

bluebell_49_echo said:
Where in Africa? i have lived in Africa since 1975
its big e mail me
Since the early 80s I have wanted to go to Zimbabwe, it was a prospering country then. Really not thought about exactly where, just go.
Asked the G/F about her trip heres what she said (cut and pasted from email as I'm too lazy to type) :D

I went to Africa with a tour company called Exodus the trip I went on was Capetown to Johannesburg, would definitely recommend it it was a fantastic experience, they've got lots of other trips similar as well, not cheap but you're well looked after.

I've done a couple of aid convoys in Algeria. Badly prepared vehicles and bored customs officials are the greatest pain in the arrse.

Prior planning and all that....
jarrod248 said:
Not looked at it for a while but this chap posted in the Bedford thread.
Good stuff. Is that the chassis twist system you have on your vehicle that you're letting me test drive for a couple of years jarrod? Must cost mega bucks right?

You know at the end of Ice Cold in Alex when something breaks on that old ambulance and it limps into Alexandria? Well, if you don't do swapsies with my old girl that'll be me that will. :wink:

Seriously though, my Grandfather is close by in the Halfaya Sollum War Cemetary which is a destination of mine. If the Italians hadn't cut him down he'd be turning 100 in 2 years time. Would be nice to 'meet' him for the first time on such a special birthday.
jarrod248 said:
No I don't have any clever torsion system. I've no plans to go abroad this year, far too busy and never want to go to Africa in the Bedford.
OK, I'll test it on your behalf and because it's you I won't charge you anything. You can throw in some dosh towards diesel if it makes you feel better. :wink:


Book Reviewer
I did the Kilimanjaro climb and 2 days safari in Ngorogoro crater with Exodus. Have done 9 trips with them overall - good company, but its an expensive game. And the groups can be hit and miss - tend to be older and don't always 'get' the military - type sense of humour.

Did white water rafting with - did the Zambezi. Fantastic trip, but terrifying. Again, it was expensive, but this time was with a bunch of public school rugby players. Hard, hard slog, but very rewarding.

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