Trip Flare Picket Size

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by marlintcf, Jul 11, 2009.

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  1. Hi Guys work for cyalume we are building a replacement surface trip flare that uses the 5min ultra sticks for training to replace the current one, they will fit on the standard trip pickets and this is where my problem is some jobsworth civil servant has sent us the old Green bulky pickets not the new black ones, can someone please tell me:

    1. the diameter of the wire used to make the black pickets.
    2. the dimensions for the U shape that the flare sits on.

    Know I will probably get bombarded with why not make your own picket but there are so many kicking about that we believe if its not broken dont fix it so want to use the current one.
  2. Here you go...

    "The Flare Tripwire Kit L10A1 is supplied with three Pickets. Each Picket consistsof a 10 mm diameter steel stake, 500 mm long, with a 66 mm long forked arm welded to the top and a stabilizing spike welded to the bottom. One Picket is used to attach the free end of the Tripwire, the second Picket supports the Spring Carrier and the Flare Tripwire, while the third is used to support the Shield Assembly."


  3. So you make trip flares I assume for the MOD, and rather than approach the MOD for some minor details, you decide to ask on this site for info?

    Bit odd dont you think?
  4. Nope, as he says he works for cyalume. And as he says they ahve sent him the old stakes.

    But he knows (for whatever reason) that there is a new picket out there.

    Hardly journolistic stuff is it....

    Read the first paragraph and then think about Sean Connery in the Untouchables...

    "Who would claim to be that who was not?"

  5. I wasnt thinking journolistically in all honesty, I just found it odd, to ask on here rather than going through what I assume to be, the channels this sort of thing would go through.
  6. Depends....

    He may have a deadline.

    These aren't new products though... I remember a PRI at a former garrison used to sell trip flares with high intensity cyalumes fitted. (a good 10 year ago to be exactish).
  7. Right, and the MOD is so well known for it's efficiency isn't it...!?!
  8. I hardly think the dimensions of a tripwire picket are defence secrets... its not that you'll probably find them lying around on training areas or on operation areas...
  9. Fcuk me, is the off-licence open yet?
  10. Correct these are not a new product the same design has been around since Vietnam and was made by a Green Beret Sgt. We are now making them more compatable with UK kit as our main market is the US military who dont seem to use the pickets hence the design change. we are also looking to make them so that they dont make the twanging noise when they are activated, there current tactical use is in Afghanistan the US Marine Corps use these to back light their ambushes using the IR cyalume sticks so that when they look through their PNVG's the enemy are lit up but without the enemy having the advantage of having a light source to work with, they are also used by the US Special forces as they are short of claymores they attach hand grenades to the striker arm (instructions on how to do this are on the new packaging)
  11. Thanks for the help on here guys and some of the comments, I like the fact that I got an answer on here the same day but still have not received an answer from the MOD, after 2 phone calls an email and finally a fax still no info.

    Just goes to show when in need Arrse is the place to go. As for the how do I know about the new pickets etc.... would I work in military R&D for Cyalume if I had no prior military experience??
  12. Surprised they're short of claymores.

    Of course they don't have a wet government so they can still use AP mines. I would venture that the bed wetters in Whitehall would be having kittens if they heard that British troops were making IEDs.
  13. I was suprised as well but thats what our feedback has told us maybe they are using them a bit liberally so running out faster... either way it suits us once youve blown it up it tends to not work anymore
  14. Thanks to all the people who helped, thanks to HE117 the only one who gave me a straight answer, this unit has now passed all tests and has been allocated an NSN as an add on for the current tripflare, will be included for the UK MOD when contracts are reassigned next year.
  15. Sorry to be a pedantic bore but the Claymore ISN'T an AP Mine under the terms of the Ottawa Convention - it is Command Detonated and not victim activated.

    In fact I think its name has been changed to Mine Command Detonated M18A1.