Trip down memory lane...


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My favourite is current. Group of chavs malarking about on pavement with video via mobile phone. One steps onto the road between cars and gets carried a couple of light years down the road by a speeding (joyrider probably in what looks like an) Astra.

I hope it took them a good few takes to get it right.

Forces_Sweetheart said:
...Tufty and the ice cream van (Willy Waesel is run over and gets blood on his flares) is a classic.
I was listening to I'm sorry I haven't a clue the other day when they started a round called 'finish the public information film'. They played a PIF soundtrack up to a certain point and the pannellist had to finish it off. Graeme Garden was give a Tufty soundtrack.
Soundstrack: Willy runs out into the road...SCREEECHBANG!...

Graeme: 'Calm down, it's only a weasel'.

Didn't hear the rest, I was changing trousers.

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