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I've heard a lot about TRIM recently. I have spoken to a couple of mental health guys (both civi and mil), and they seem to have differing opinions of the efficacy of TRIM.

Can any of you mental health people give me a steer, or offer a considered opinion?
Trauma Risk Management is a post-incident psychological risk assessment and management programme used by a variety of organisations, including some parts of the MOD. It is a management/command and peer led function, rather than a clinical intervention.

Without rabbiting on for too long, it aims to spot those people who might have problems as a result of incidents (thus ensuring that they are supported) and provide a generally good level of psychological support within units.

Like a lot of 'next big thing's in mental health, it remains to be seen whether it is truly effective. There is a large study going on in the RN/RM at present to establish efficacy.

Some army units have also adopted it.
I've read a lot of TRiM work and am keen to see the KCL output when it's published. Whilst agreeing with neuroleptics (obvious, and understandable) potential cynicism in such matters it does appear to be pointing the way to an informal, self-running (possibly facilitated by the clinical staff) group therapeutic environment.


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Eddie Murphy makes it quite clear that regular access to TRIM is essential to good mental posture.

Given that I spent a fair proportion of my younger life looking for some Trim, I'm inclined to see his point......

( well dang it...come on...somebody had to ! )

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TRiM - top management strategy - every deploying unit should have some! (Pending confirmation of efficacy)


The provisional latest from the Fleet study is that TRiM appears to do no harm (unlike CISD/PD) and helps to destigmatize mental health problems - to be confirmed
Remain to be convinced by it personally.... Think it's slightly alarming that it's been adopted by lots of different organisations without any research to say whether it works or not (RN study to be published, I know).

Here's hoping we don't have another CISD style debacle on our hands...

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