Discussion in 'RAC' started by Hussar, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone remember the old quadrant fire control as fitted to CVRT Scorpion. If I remember correctly I was always told that the liquid in it called Trilux was radioactive and if the thing was broken to get out of the bloody way pronto. Is this true?
  2. Trilux is the T of SUSAT (Sight Unit Small Arms Trilux) and we've had the same warning about that, so its probably true.
  3. Yeah, 1st class toxic no-no, don't breath in, evacuate and if indoors oppen doors and windows!
  4. I remember the trilux lights we used to fit to the survey-poles at night and on the dial sights. Memorably one evening through the gloaming came the voice of the battery guide berating a curious ack who had just peered at the thing "DIVENNT LOOK AT THAT. IT'S FOOKING NOOCLEAH!" Ah happy days...
  5. Wasn't the chemical actually called trilithium, not Trilux. Defo get the fcuk out of there if it gets out of its container!
  6. The chemical is Tritium and yep its radioactive so not good for you. If you break a light source open the windows and doors and leave for 30 minutes (try and do in the run up to lunch) , then clean up any broken glass with sellotape. Dont get any stuck into your skin as this is as bad as breathing in vapour!
  7. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Tritium ("Trilux") is hydrogen with an atomic weight of three (as deuterium is hydrogen with an atomic weight of 2) both with shorter half-lives than hydrogen (Tritium much shorter) but an extra neutron (deuterium) or two (tritium).

    Compound heavy hydrogen with oxygen and you have heavy water.
  8. Is this the same stuff used in Traser watches?
  9. wow, did you google that are are you just super swithed on?