Trigger Happy Yanks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, Jun 18, 2003.

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  1. The use of CS and Rubber Bullets is not in their doctrine.  Their tactics are:

    • Peace through superior fire power.
    • er...thats it!
  2. Whatever happened to minimum force? ???
  3. It's on at 9pm tonight, ITV1
  4. It's on the motorway to ratsh*t. I wonder how many of those former soldiers will get on the blower to members of their old platoon and say "Time to fight" ?
  5. This comes as no surprise.  If the Spams thought that opening fire on unarmed civilian demonstrators was inappropriate they'd have criticised the Israelis for doing it.
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  6. Part Time Pongo
    WHAT A SURPRISE ::) ::)
  7. I'll see your three dead in Baghdad and raise you 24 dead civilians in Haddith:

    Marine gets three months in jail for massacring two dozen civilians — RT

    "Wuterich is the last of eight men tied to the November 2005 killing that left 24 Iraqis dead, including women, children and the elderly. It was announced on Monday this week that he had reached a plea with prosecutors during his military tribunal and is now expected to be sentenced as early as Tuesday. According to the Associated Press, Wuterich will face a maximum of three months of confinement, the forfeiture of two-thirds of his pay and a rank demotion.

    Of the other seven Marines charged with the now-notorious massacre, one was acquitted and six had their charges dismissed. Wuterich’s attorneys have been confident throughout the ordeal that he would see a similar outcome. "He's going to be glad to have it over because he knows that he'll be exonerated," lawyer Neal Puckett told National Public Radio earlier this month.

    On November 19, 2005, Wuterich led a squad of men into two separate homes in the town of Haditha and opened fire on everyone in sight. Prosecutors say that a roadside bomb exploded moments before the Marines stormed the home, and were brought into hysterics by seeing a fellow soldier die in the attack. In response, they went on a rampage and for 45 minutes raided the two homes and were never faced with gunfire."

    That's just sick. Storms two houses full of unarmed civilians, murders 24 men, woman, children and pensioners, and his punishment is a pay cut, a demotion and three months in the brig. All I can say is: What the actual ****?
  8. 9 years. That must be a record.
  9. And what possessed you to raise an almost 9 year old thread!!??
  10. The story that started this thread was posted in 2003. Ancient History. What the **** has that got to do with today? :?
  11. Didn't spot the date, I must be honest!

  12. You can generally assume that anyone who uses Russia Today as a 'news source' is just a pot stirrer.
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