Trig Points I have Visited / What did you do on it?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pararegtom, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Ok Most of us have tabbed/flown over, collapsed wimpered. peed on trig points My first was the Fan (as a crow) cant remember how many times ive been up there now, but my favorite got to be Hambledon on Dartmoor, amazing views. where yours
  2. Ingleborough Summit 2007, shot up it on a Sunday morning, scranned 2 x corned beef and cheese doorstep butties and half a bottle of Ribena, sly w*nk then back to the car. It was a quiet summer....

    Forgot to add, 'Churn Milk Joan' Calder Valley, go up it from the eastern ascent on a Saturday night and its a one stop shop for fat village folk being porked by farmhands in rickety Landrovers ! Garrrr ! :D
  3. Snowdon, hanging out of my arse with small voretexes of air being sucked in from Venezuela and sweating like a para in a spelling test. Then seeing a dozen peanuts being smuggled up the hill and having to suck the gut in, puff the chest out and mutter things like "only another 27 miles to go...."
  4. Uffington Castle on the Ridgeway, nice views.

  5. [​IMG]

    Not strictly a trig point but it's the highest point around for some distance and I claim to have had the first tug on the rim of this volcano for over a century!!

    A beer for the first correct answer on where this is.
  6. Reni Are you female? If so then have you any pics?
  7. If the biggest hill you see on a daily basis is the slope up Oxford street, Snowdon is fuckingmountain climbing!
  8. Is that Central Island in Lake Turkana, Kenya?
  9. Close.
  10. ...and there is some outstanding peanut smuggling going on at this time of year, just west of Oxford St!
  11. Ingleborough Summit 2007, one Sunday at about lunchtime on a quiet summer's day. Sat down in what I thought was some runny bird shoite & got it all over my nice new North Face climbing trousers...
  12. When's it due?
  13. H'mmmm. It's 40 years since I studied the African Rift Valley as part of A-level Geography. I'd forgotten about North and South islands until Google reminded me. I'll take a SWAG at South Island...........
  14. Closer!
  15. Is there a web cam on this PC? I'm afraid to say it's moobs & a beer baby you see, not womanly curves!