Tried to log onto JPA only to find i was discharged

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Novelty_troop_tiff, May 21, 2007.

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    Any one else have probs with JPA? Tried to log on, it wouldn't let me, all because I had been discharged 3 weeks ago. Discharge date is a mystery, nothing like any dates I have, funny old thing it's also shy of my pensionable service date. So I now have a few days pay for this month and no pension until i'm 60. I've got copies of the forms they sent me giving me continuance, why haven't they? Just waiting for the knock at the door to evict me from quarter now.
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  2. Anyone?
    Or should i just go and had my kit in now?
    I've worked the last 3 weeks for bugger all. Pay office will pay me cash in hand but i bet they bubble me to the taxman.
  3. Mate of mine was told no pay this month since she was "discharged" in September 06 :)
  4. Read PAMPAS, input figures. Whats the point in checking if everything is right twice a year if the ignore it when they need to use it.
  5. Has she been paid?
    My pay stopped at the start of the month and no pension until i'm 60. seems like a waste of 22 years now.
  6. We are having a major drama here at my place, JPAC (yeah, I know Glasgow) MCM Divs, held onto all 6848's to extend service until after rollout of JPA, then they entered the extensions onto JPA because units can't. Lo and behold JPAC are still not paying 2 of my guys who they are adamant are out of the Army, one in Feb (even though they paid him a full Apr wage!).

    The only person who can sort yours' and there problem out is your RCMO, who is the only link to MCM Div and JPAC. I'm HR Admin and i may as well come to work in a pair of handcuffs with the amount i can assist guys with now.

    Believe me, JPAC are shocking!!

    (edited for spaka spelling)
  7. Might find out if i'm back in later today, got to get a cheque on friday for pay. Don't even know where they got my date from, joined + 22 years = leave the mob. More concerned that if anything happens to me before its sorted out that my family won't be covered or get the monies i'm entitled too. Theres 2 of us here with problem so we'll see how it goes.