trident soft chewing gum advert

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jaybee2786, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Who hates this advert give me a rifle so i can shoot that twat
  2. isn't TRIDENT the name of the METPOL op against black on black gun crime? I think this is Black on Black GUM crime.............yes, this one is getting on my t1tz already...and it's just started!
  3. Seconded, I can get you a .50 Barret with incendiary rounds, will that do?
  4. Almost as annoying as the new Halifax ad with the fat munter. At least the previous one had a coulpe of dirty looking bits of totty on it. But the goggle-eyed tit, Howard who is on them all should still be shot in the face.
  5. From their website

    'Mastication Lobe responds to a constant supply of flavour'

    Well that's okay then, but why spit it out on the street?
  6. that advert was just on and i was thinking about how much it annoyed me, arrrgh. anyone seen thart advert for cereal with the kid singing 'it's gonna taste great'? now that really is the most annoying advert, ever, that kid needs a headshot, tho maybe a kneecapping to make him suffer for being a t**t
  7. Halifax has a decent current account with good interest rates, but I would never, ever, EVER sign up with then unless they executed Howard live on telly. I wish they'd stop ripping off people's songs, changing the words and thinking that we'll buy their f***ing products! Aaaaargh!
  8. I have a treat for you: Here

    Just watch past the first 7 secs and I promise you won't be disapointed.
  9. Hahaha that is an improvement Rapidfire, do you have a piano landing on Howards head?
  10. That advert is sooooooooooooooo fcuking iritating! Like that sensation under my foreskin........
  11. Saw it 3 bloody times in the cinema last night felt like killing myself!
  12. I FRIGGING HATE THE FROSTIES KID! God I wish he'd hang himself.

    As for Halifax, yea shes a big fat bitch. And she sings like a black gospel choir member, which, obviously is a rip off of the adverts, which I find incredibly funny. Woo, yea yea, u gotta switch!
  13. Speaking of irritating participants in adverts - Barry Scott. Who the * is he, and does he think we're all *ing deaf ?
  14. Baw haw haw! I love the Cillit Bang adverts! We gotta do a remake, but his head is gone instead of the dirt.
  15. I thought the kid was dead!