Trident - Popular support?

What is the right direction for the UK Nuclear Force?

  • Upgrade Trident, regardless of the cost?

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  • Get rid of them, they are a waste of money, and evil sunzabitches

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  • Maintain what we have?

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I am pretty sure this topic on the whole Trident should we/shouldnt we has already been done, but what got me wondering was the comment by the SNP/PC MP's that the majority of the population supports them. Do they? As far as i am aware, a referendum has never taken place, and no parliament has voted to get rid of the things.
I admit that i dont know why we need "better" nukes, as opposed to the ones we have that are already capable of exterminating most of the planet, but support the UK deterrent.

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We should maintain what we have, just like we do with everything else...until its old enough to appear on the antiques roadshow...

The proposed cost of an upgrade would be better spent on front-line equipment the lads on Ops. need now...
This has been done to death now :roll:

The money comes from a seperate budget...if the programme got binned, it would have no effect whatsoever on the defence budget as the money would get absorbed elsewhere.

The Trident system will be near to impossible to maintain after 2025ish and will not be cost effective-you would be chucking money down the drain.


I think the Self-Help maintainance kit of a roll of Black Nasty and a cork would not be wise when 500 meters below the surface. I say bin them, sorry I can't justify Submariners pay. If it's a deretent you need then park a couple of buses full of those dreaded football fans at their borders, or give them season tickets on National Express coaches!

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