Tricky question regarding US domestic military policy.......

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Robbo_72, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. Peak Tinfoil.
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  2. I do not think it is merely tinfoil hat material.

    20,000 regular US Army troops have been assigned to domestic security duties (Pentagon to Detail Troops to Bolster Domestic Security). This is highly unusual and virtually unprecedented since WWII.

    Unlike Afghan leaders, Obama fights for power of indefinite military detention | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | (I know it is the Guardianista but many other sources reported substantially the same thing)
  3. Is this Seven Days in May modernised then.
  4. Bloody hell- it's a world of crazy over there.
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  5. I have never said such a scenario is underway or inevitable but there are troubling indicators that bear scrutiny and cannot be fobbed off as mere tin foil hat paranoia.

    Here are a few more that have been posted previously but are germane to this issue:

    This is a reputed questionnaire used by the USMC some years ago:

    This is a follow up explanation that still gives one pause:

    and this, admittedly appearing on the Infowars website but still containing factual information relevant to this issue:
    and this from the Army Command and Staff College that not only raises the spectre of US regular forces being used against US civilians but also rather obviously suggests the the "tea party" is an insurgent group when the facts from the vast majority of their activities across the country suggests no such thing.
  6. Make sure there have been no exchanges of Information with Kent Police.
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  7. do you really believe that Obama is gonna unleash the might of the US army on Sarah Palin and her looney fringe party anytime soon , do you really think that the ELECTED representatives of the congress of the USA and of the various state legislatures would sit back and watch it unfold , i find these scenarios very hard to believe , however if true then the US is not the great land of the free that it proports to be. You make it sound like the US is teetering on the edge of revoloution , this isn't Star Wars , Obama is not the Emporer , and he doesn' t have the Death star ready and waiting , we are talking about a country that sells itself as the worlds greatest democracy , a country whos governing body is elected by the people for the people with justice and liberty for all , where possible of course.
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  8. If an article is written in a persuasive manner, ignore it.
  9. I hereby volunteer to be unleashed on Sarah Palin.
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  10. I do not believe such a thing would occur in that dramatic a fashion absent some sufficient "emergency" that would open the door to "acceptance" of such measures by the sheeple in return for greater "security" even if at the cost of their own freedoms. This potential is no respecter of party as our the vast majority of our politicians are big government progressivists at heart. Although I have published this many times before it is worth repeating as the mechanism is unabashedly admitted by the then chief of staff for Him and now the king of the "take no prisoners" "Chicago way of politics" as mayor of Chicago:


    As has already happened in terms of consolidation and aggrandizement of virtually unaccountable federal power in the Executive branch far beyond that envisioned in the Constitution, excesses under the Constitution occur incrementally creating, as is now the favorite buzz phrase, a "new normal" for the sheeple to adjust to before the next step in the process. Our general population is far too self absorbed and continuously being conditioned to notice much of this progressive slide toward centralized federal government control far beyond that either contemplated by our founders or allowed by our Constitution.
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  11. And we'll just conveniently ignore the issue of which el Presidente got the Patriot Act passed that virtually allows a POTUS to tear up the Constitution on a whim?
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  12. So is the former 'senior military leader' who made this claim going to stand up and be counted - even produce some evidence?
  13. I'm sure you'll survive until the next election and president Jesus Something or Manuel Something Else will put it all right.

    Even for Anglos.
  14. My dear fellow, I have roundly and clearly stated my strong objection to the Patriot Act both at its inception under the evil GWB and its continued extension. (And even expansion) under our current Dear Leader. The problem of extra-Constitutional federal government expansion and interference with the citizenry knows no partisan boundaries. Progressivism infects all US national politics and international relAtions and has done so for the last century. Differences among these politiciAns and parties are only in degree not principle.

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