Tricky one about medical history.....


Hope you don't mind the post. Have used the search function for the last few hours and found some similar cases but no answers. Down the end of the post are main Q's I'd like to ask that didn't get answered from the searches.

I also posted this in the TA area, they referred me to this forum area.

Here it is....

I have received treatment for depression. Mostly from an incident years back, but was over prescribed anti depressants and all kinds of nonsense. None of it worked. In fact pills seemed to just keep me in a rut. For about 5 years a smattering of different pills. Changed one ofter the other because they didn't make me feel good. Quite the opposite.

Finally a couple of years ago I tell him to stop as I am actually fine. Hard to tell with the pills I was on, but I was starting to feel like a medical experiment.

Prob is coming off all the drugs takes time. Some of these things are evil. So i work at it. Grind away.

Now finally I am down to one pill, which I will be off in a month or so. This is a very very small gnats penis dose of diazepam. You have to come off this slowly. Hence the time lapse between being well and finally getting off the so called 'treatment.'

Anyway. Am not depressed, haven't been for years, but my med records would prob look shocking to the uninitiated.

I would be able to get supporting letters on my recovery from the prescribing Head Doctor and my GP to fill in the gaps.

Question is this:

1. I would like to be honest with the TA about said history, but am I being a mug by doing so? I know I'm fine - trouble is I like to be honest. And being a liar doesn't sit well with me.

2. If I do own up to it will I get to actually see a specialist at any stage who understands this stuff? What are the odds?

3. At what stage/how early in the process do you see said doc? After I've spent weeks in the system? Wasted everyone's time?

4. Is it possible to have an anon chat with an army/TA doc?

5. If I do own up to it will I be told to come back in 2 years or so? Is there an SOP for dealing with such things?

If so this is a bit of disaster as I'm old enough as it is :D

I appreciate any help and advice here. I'm not trying to pull a fast one. All info is honest and I think I'd be a credit to the army/TA.


Are you posting this with a view to joining or are you already serving? To the throbbers who'll bang on about Army primacy.....get real your obviously out or institutionalised. People do see DRs outside of the Military system; normally when we have failed to supply. Go sand pit for the best care.
My question relates to me wanting to serve with the TA.

I know people get a bit scared when someone has had a spell of depression or PTSD. I can understand it. Its not tangible like a broken leg. You can't see when it's mended.


Is it true that the rules may change around April that will enable a referral to army psychologists? Does anyone know anything about this or have a link about April changes?
A history of depression doesn't automatically bar you from entry. If you've been off anti-depressants for 2 years you should be ok. You have to ask your GP to fill in your RM8 anyway so can't lie. Your GP will, I presume, support your application. As for diazepam, I know it can take years to be weaned off due to potential for benzo withdrawal. I think go ahead and apply - I have a feeling you'll probably be ok and at the worst you'll be defered. I've been defered and although I was dissapointed it's actually given me a push to sort my physical health out and stop being so damned lazy!

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