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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mrxman, May 17, 2010.

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  1. Lots of post on here by keen young lads wanting to be in sbs/sas/pathfinders etc etc !!!!

    On the other side of the spectrum here's a few tips for making life easier on camp or dodging work when working in one of the bone jobs of the military(like the mt where i'm currently festering):
    When doing a pft if you are near someone who you know will pass it then stay there, do not thrash yourself, you don't get extra pay for a better time and it's a load of bollocks anyway.
    If the provo pick you up for sidies or whatever and tell you to be at their office 0800 then unless they take your name just f**k them off. They are not robocop, just avoid battalion hq for a couple of days.
    Volunteer for driving jobs,they are a good skive, bang some tunes on the ipod and avoid other dickings !!!
    If you are in a bone job like mt say, do not get good at your job, or else standby for a career in the mt !!
    If tasked to make a brew for the platoon sgt don't do a good job, I don't think i need to explain why !!!
    If on a tasking on the other side of camp make sure to walk the long way,slowly and add in a nice trip to the naafi!!!

    I would add to become a lick arse with the heirarchy, as this has done wonders for many soldiers, but I'm not into that myself.
  2. don't do all this if you work in a proper job in the armed forces however!!!
  3. Just highlights to me that you're a pointless little fucktard.
  4. Looks like you can't be trusted with a proper job - just gofer and teabitch
  5. I think you used to work for me!

  6. Well now you know, if the ptn sgt askes for a brew make him the best brew going, that way he'll ask you again and again, result, more time spent smokin fags and jerkin off over the callender in the hole............
  7. Because every SNCO and WO in the army joined at that rank and doesn’t know when a skiving little pr*ck is pulling all these stunts :wink:
  8. we know what you are up to as us old and bold know all the tricks, just remember that, the thing is we know more tricks than you and can play you.

    Normally surfaces at SJAR meetings, yes we laugh at you, and your pathetic attempts at a skive.
  9. Lol - Loving the hate from the job's worths who hope some rupert reads their post and sees and likes it enough to give them a reach-around.

    I'm not totally on board with skiveing ethos but definitely agree with the driving and pft tactics.

    I do my job well, I don't need someone else to affirm my abilities - I'm not a small child/puppy.

    As long as I'm on time, and all the kit I'm responsible for is serviceable they can jog on.

    Any fool can be uncomfortable.

    Coincidently: If you have a "enough is enough" attitude to work - wtf are you doing in the infantry?
  10. You sound like a wonderful asset to your unit, only problem is, while your jerking off, your oppo's get to carry the load, probably why your platoon/troop SNCO offloaded you in the first place , tosser :evil:
  11. You don’t seem to grasp the concept of an anonymous (let me know if the words are too big) Website though do you :wink:
  12. So instead on tackling the issues raised, you insinuate a lack of spelling ability.

    I think its past your bed-time, grown ups are talking now :wink:
  13. I see you deleted your last tin foil hat wearing post before anyone could quote it (you know the one about PM's) :wink:

    And if you could please point out where I mentioned anyone’s lack of spelling ability 8O
  14. your nick is FRUB fat round usless bastard , get with the prog dickrash
  15. Send keysetting.