Tricked into downloading a virus??

Yes, I got caught out with one of these scams a few months back after returning home from a 3week trip offshore. Yes I felt like a numpty but one of my cybergeek mates showed me how to do a system restore, which sort of reset my computer to a pre set date and it was fine after that, and has been since.

It came up on my screen and I clicked on it, clearly not thinking. It caught me out simples :oops:

Every time I tried going online it kept on canceling the page and generally pyssing me of big style, whilst demanding a payment to sort the problem out.

As i mentioned above, a mate of mine who is pretty clued up with this stuff soon sorted it out, so my advice would be if you get caught out by one of these scams, then get someone on the case pretty quick who knows what they are doing.
No offence taken lads, and yes system restore is a simple thing once you've been shown it, but quite effective.

Just thought I'd point it out in case someone else gets caught out. :)

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