Trick or Treat

Nothing about uni-breasted ugly birds then? :D

i have just been playing the other cartoon clpis on the site, and am nearly falling off my chair! have a look at deplomacy! :lol:


its halloween and obivously certain ladies on this site are out and about. Arrse is fekkin funny site and I for one will return! pity that the arrseholes are running free on it, but makes good entertainment. WORD OF MOUTH thats why im here. so who is the fruitloop? some kind of attention seeker who has lost the plot?


Thats it fcuking mega sulk! i go out for once and come back and there has fun been had on this site!!

no more of it.. I am now gonna stay in every day and night start up me own web site.. but not SF oriented, unless SF means sugar free ( thank you dr. atkins) and will stay til I'm banned or go to sleep witch ( very currnet affair type thingy) ever comes first ( i normally do, so i've been told)

and god bless america ( that was for theatreman).

Don't blame it on the moon light, don't blame it on the sunshine, blame it on the Stella)


Who let me post last night/this morning? someone is responsible and by the looks of it it's not me!

I could edit or delete it, but i had better leave it to teach me and any fruitloops what happens when all facilties are not in tip top condition :oops:

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