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Anyone from the Right Hand Coast running the USMC Marathon on 31st Oct ?

What's Ft Belvoir like ?

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Sad sTAbs lumber into all about it....pic, page 3.....


Immediate release

TA Soldiers run in US Marine Corps Marathon 2004 in Washington DC, Sunday 31st October for specialist ex-Services mental health charity ‘Combat Stress’.

TA Soldiers Roger Eustis, Kevin Howlett and John Tasker, who all served in the Gulf in 2003 on Op Telic 1, along with fellow supporter Tony Rawlinson, will be running as a charity team in this year’s 29th United States Marine Corps Marathon, which takes place in Washington DC on Sunday 31st October, on behalf of the specialist ex-Services mental health charity ‘Combat Stress’ (RCN 206002).

The team is very keen to actively support the work of Combat Stress, as Roger states that ‘having served in Iraq in 2003, I can more fully appreciate the need for specialist charities such as Combat Stress and the excellent work that they do. The ex-Service veterans deserve as much as we can offer them.’ All three of the team served recently in Iraq and are keen to raise as much money as they can to support the unique work of Combat Stress. This includes funding treatment provision and the welfare support service that the charity provides for ex-Servicemen and women from all across the UK and Ireland who have suffered combat-related psychological injury (mainly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), as a result of harrowing active service experiences.

Siân Mexsom, Director of Fundraising and PR, commented “We are very proud to support Roger, Kevin, Tony and John through their gruelling challenge of running the USMCM on behalf of Combat Stress. As a charity we heavily rely on volunteer income, in order to continue our specialist work with veterans, including those who have recently served in the Gulf conflict. This will be the first time we have had a team run in the USMC Marathon for us and we wish them all the very best for the day.”

The USMC marathon began in 1976 post the Vietnam war as a popular event designed to promote a more positive image of the Forces. More than 15,000 runners from across the world are expected, with crowds of around 70,000 spectators

If you would like to support the team, please contact the Team Leader Roger directly [ via PM on this site ] or you can donate to the team directly via their online giving page:
Alternatively, please contact the team through Combat Stress via Hannah Davies in the Fundraising and PR Department on: 01372 841616

For further information about Combat Stress please contact us Tel: 01372 841600,

Notes to Editors:
1. Combat Stress is the only UK charity to provide specialist remedial treatment through its three treatment centres in Surrey, Shropshire and Scotland, for ex-Servicemen and women who have been profoundly traumatised by harrowing experiences on active duty – from the Second World War to the recent conflict in Iraq. Many veterans have returned with a combat-related psychological injury, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In addition, Combat Stress provide an outreach welfare service across the whole of the British Isles and Northern Ireland, through 12 Regional Welfare Officers, who provide support to clients and their families in their homes. This support includes working with the Service Benevolent Funds and local Social Services, as well as accessing war pensions where appropriate.

2. To date, Combat Stress has treated over 85,000 ex-Servicemen and women, who between them have represented nearly all of the conflicts in which the British Armed forces have been involved since the end of World War Two. We are currently acquiring new clients at a rate of around 600 per year and have a total of 7,000 clients in our care at this time. The youngest of these clients is in their early twenties. Our commitment to our clients is for life.

3. To fund our unique work, we rely very heavily on the generosity of our supporters and volunteer fundraisers.

4. For further information about the fundraising work of Combat Stress please contact the Director of Fundraising and PR – Siân Mexsom at the Fundraising and PR department on 01372 841616,

5. Combat Stress, the Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society, is a registered charity number 206002. For more information about the Society’s work please visit or email us at


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