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Not certain where to post this but decided NAAFI is as appropriate as any (hardly a real job opportunity!!)


Lauren Benson from Town House Television Ltd is researching material and personnel for a Trisha Goddard television show.

This particular show will concentrate on the difficulties encountered by ex-service personnel (Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and Army) when leaving the Armed Forces.

Lauren is keen to hear from anyone who has their own particular story to tell. To contact Lauren please either telephone her directly on the number detailed below or complete the online contact form. Closing date for submission of information is 30 November 2005.

Telephone Lauren on 01603 281 027
Good for your career to go on TV and slag the ARMY off, would love to see my CR after that stunt!!!!
Now you to can look a total C.ock on Tv
Don't know anyone imparticular... (apart from the brother-in-law, who left the Army after 17.5 years. Ex REME, in and out of jobs as his military qualifications meant the world while serving, but absolutley nothing on discharge). It is unfortunate that some ex squaddies end up homeless, destitue, on the sick due to PTSD etc etc. I was one of the lucky ones. I qualified as a nuirse so my role was easily tranferable to civvie street and they are so short of nurses. Plus i was married... This helps with rehousing if you are unable to get a mortgage as married/families seem to take priority over single folk. May have some details out of date, but this is my view

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