Tributes paid to Glen Mansell late BFBS presenter

I am very sorry to hear of the passing of BFBS radio presenter and manager Glen Mansell after a long battle with cancer.

While Glen certainly got his share of slagging-off as well as affection on ARRSE, the mere fact that he was mentioned so often, while he was active on BFBS, suggests the impact which he had on forces broadcasting in Germany, the Balkans and Gulf 1990-91. Latterly he had been managing BFBS in the Falklands.

BFBS Radio presenter and manager Glen Mansell has died after losing his battle with cancer at the age of 56.

Glen served as a Technician in the Royal Air Force, and then brought his love of radio to BFBS Cyprus in the 1980’s. His long career saw him on the air daily with many milestones shared with his audience.

When Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait in 1990, Glen was a part of the BFBS team broadcasting from Saudi Arabia, to British forces in the Gulf. And another 90’s conflict made Glen something of an iconic figure amongst the military community when he took ownership of “Calling the Balkans” on Sundays between 1994 and 2002, connecting friends and families with HM Forces serving in the former Yugoslavia. The show came from barracks and installations all over Germany, and from Balkans locations too.

In 2002 Glen moved to BFBS Radio 2, bringing a special blend of music, speech and current affairs knowledge.

Glen spent the last four years managing BFBS in the Falklands, still broadcasting a daily music sequence, before returning to the UK earlier this year.

Nicky Ness, Controller of BFBS: “Glen’s courage and determination is inspirational, his skill on-air something much admired by his colleagues, the voice of wisdom and a guiding influence within the organisation. He will be very sadly missed, but many stories, anecdotes and stand-out programmes live on in his legend. BFBS has lost a special colleague and an outstanding broadcaster, the forces audience a true friend.
Source: Tributes paid to BFBS host Glen Mansell : Radio Today with RCS
From BFBS themselves: BFBS presenter loses cancer fight | British Forces News

An ex-serviceman imself, Glen notably did a great deal to help publicise the ARRSE-led service voting campaign in 2005. In the true spirit of ARRSE, he brilliantly distinguished himself by having to apologise to a Labour Government minister after one of those programmes.

I had the privilege of being interviewed a number of times on the Glen Mansell Show which he used to run from, I think, Herford.

I hate to start on a negative, but I didn't like his work at all. Having to listen to his 'Calling the Balkans' programme every Sunday whilst on tour would have me looking around for a decent belt and a strong oak beam to swing from.

Apart from that he was a genuine bloke, and less uncomfortable to talk to off-air than many presenters. Rest in peace Glen.
Quality presenter and from what I can recall his Calling the Balkans was a 'must listen' to show by the wives back in Germany when I was in Bosnia.

I also have memories of his shows in Germany in the late 80s. One that sticks in the memory was a young wife pouring her heart out about being lonely stuck in a high rise in the middle of Germany and the sensitive way in which he dealt with it.

Always willing to stop and chat at the RASS and not up his own arrse like some, quality guy and a great servant to the British Forces community, he will be a sad loss to BFBS.
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