Tribute Video To British Fallen

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by glyndwr, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. Do not know if this has been posted before. Did not know where to put it, so stuck it here. I saw this video on you tube, and by christ does it hit you hard. I may be a grown up soldier but this just broke me.
  2. sadly missed colleagues

    Never forgotten.
  3. Seeing some of those faces again hits hard.

    Will Not Forget.
  4. Not first time seen but still bring tear to old eyes. Thanks for links to RFUK,s work Dozy. R.I.P. NEVER FORGOTTEN.
  5. You can put posts on a memorial site I've come across. Its free for service personnel. Go to Good site.
  6. In my eyes you cannot put these sort of items on enough, we'll never forget those who have sadly fallen where the rest of us have been lucky through the years... We Will Never Forget and threads like yours should be started every now and again to remind us all of our friends who are not here today.

    Thank You...
  7. Christ that was powerfull. Definitely not a dry eye here. Cetainly brings it home , especially as I am back off to the sandpit in Nov. Well done RFUK.
  8. To those who made the ultimate sacrifice

    We Will Never Forget