Tribunal victory

Hi guys,

Just to tell you, I have just won 2 stunning tribunals on behalf of other ex servicemen.

I helped represent them & spoke on their behalf for the derisory award that ATOS medical recommended for them.

I am now helping another ex serviceman, one who was only just turned down yesterday by the SPVA as ATOS medical deemed him not disabled enough, this is despite him being ex SAS and being wounded in the same incident where he lost 2 colleagues being killed!

Just to say, I continue to help & if anybody wishes for some impartial help, you can contact me through either a PM message on this site or through (forgotten Hero's) this is especially regarding anybody in Leeds, as the same female examining doctor, is repeatedly brutal in her recommendations against war pensions! She is now very well known for this.

I have nearly 40 cases where I have approached the MoD and SPVA on behalf of these individuals & in some cases, have already overturned initial decisions, now in favour of the individual concerned. I am also in discussions with Shadow Ministers over highlighting the failures in the medical & benefit system.

If anybody is in need of legal assistance in any Military or Civil matters or other areas, I have come across a particularly good Solicitors in Leeds. They are willing to travel to an organised gathering and offer advice without taking on full legal cases, however they might need to agree some fee's for some types of advise. They are able to offer the usual from indemnified to fixed fee arrangements and they actually seem to understand & care, unlike most of the others who are available, they are

Lets keep the pressure on them and maybe someday, they will actually site up and take notice

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