Tribunal rules soldier was racially abused

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by western, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. Very sad indeed, it appears as if racism does still exist in some places. What evidence do you have for saying the RLC do not come out of this smelling of roses - are you suggesting the RLC are at fault?
  2. No form of racism is acceptable - anywhere, or at any time. It is the lowest, most cowardly, form of bullying.

    When there is proven unacceptable behaviour, as appears to be the case here, then I believe that the full wrath of anger and just retribution should be applied right across the 'chain of command'.

    By this I mean not only the 'Lance corporal' mentioned but his sergeant; his company sergeant major; the company commander and the commanding officer.

    The 'Lance corporal' should have been 'stamped on' - hard.

    His sergeant ought to have been 'bitten' - savagely - by the company sergeant major.

    The company sergeant major should have ensured the company commander was fully 'picturized'.

    The company commander ought to have briefed, in detail, the commanding offier.

    The commanding officer ought, in those circumstances, cleansed the Stygian stables and then faced any 'music' coming his way - even removal from appointment.

    The first time this happens, and appropriate punishments are meted out, following full investigation and trial of course; then I suspect it will become a much rarer event.
  3. F*ck me, you're sensitive aren't you?
  4. You've really taken this to heart haven't you?
  5. Not really, just interested if there was any substance before slating the RLC - or at they at fault because they posted him there?
  6. Call me thick if you want but I'm struggling to see exactly what the racist element of all this amounts to, unless of course theres some hidden meaning to the name "Paris Hilton" that I'm unaware of? Sounds a lot like routine squaddy pi*s-taking to me.
    :roll: :roll: :roll:
  7. Just on the assumption that his LCpl, the racist, was a cook and therefore RLC.
  8. So fcuckind nigger doesn't sound racist to you then?
  9. THere is obviously more to this than has been reported in the article however the piece actually reads

    which is not the same as his LCpl - the racist may not be a cook as you put it.
  10. not calling you thick, but did you get as far as paragraph 4 of the article?
  11. Perhaps this will help
  12. 33 year old private, clearly a "flier", not inferring there isn't a problem here; but it would not surprise me if he turned out to be after a quick buck.

    If this is not the case I will be the first person to fall on my sword, it just seems a bit too "easy": Guards Bde "history of racism", RMP failings (they may be ********* but a racism investigation would be like all there Christmas's coming at once, something to get there teeth into and squaddies to shaft regardless) & throw into the mixer a black 33 yr old (passed over no doubt) chef.

    Why didn't the other boys like him? Was he the only guy to pass the (chefs) course?
  13. Sorry Krazy but

    [/quote]The tribunal has been told that Hylton, a chef with the Welsh Guards, has been repeatedly called a “n*****”, a “dumb-arsed n*****”, a “black bastard” and a “black c***”. His wife and children have been left in fear after two incidents in which the locks on the doors at the family’s married quarters were superglued shut. When Hylton complained that a noncommissioned officer who racially abused him had also punched him, leaving him requiring hospital treatment, he was himself arrested by the Royal Military Police