Haven't seen anything here about this TV series where ex-booty (?captain) goes off to wilderness and sets out to live with natives who are still quite wild. He has the knack of getting on well with them (or the funds to buy them). Still has booty predeliction for getting his kit off. Last night included attempts to get his dick put inside his body. Come in handy for anyone who wants to go transvestite. Worth watching.
I thought it was pretty good too, however the tribes have almost definately been bought, it was apparent last night that to get on with any indiginous tribe all you need is a worlds supply of ready rubbed in your bergan and your in! the cock pushing incident did look painful lol. You should of seen my mrs when they shot that pig, funny as fcuk "its so cruel its so cruel" wait til she heres we have a great chicken cull here in a weeks time he he :twisted:
I think I've just ruled Kombai country off my holiday plans. Mind you, I thought the worm in ears thing was a Wah....after all they put it in with the mouth end outwards. Was very pleased when he owned up that they were taking the p***.

I wonder what they made of "Tim the Cameraman" - whilst he was busy having his dick inverted, he was probably laughing his arrse off before heading back to his tent for a crafty scotch from his own supplies

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