Tribe-Bruce Parry

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hat20, May 24, 2007.

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  1. Watched this Sunday night and thought it excellant viewing!!
    Bruce Parry is no Mears/Gryllis but what he lacks in size he makes up for in sheer balls.
    The way he gets accepted by the various tribes he stays with takes some doing considering some of the tests/tasks he has to complete.
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  2. The guy is a star.
  3. Wait for the episode where he inverts his penis....ouch
  4. Ouch.....sounds nasty....

    Anyone remember the episode where the tribe fed him foul tasting grubs then chuckled to themselves, cos they'd told him they were a delicacy? Turned out they avoided them like the plague cos they were so nasty....That was the same one where he had his nose pierced with a thorn, I seem to recall...

    Quality program...
  5. Blokes a bloody loon.

    Anoyone who willingly partakes in stick fighting with African tribesmen has got to be away with the pixies :crazy:
  6. I was at school with Bruce during the 70s/80s and last bumped into him in 88 when doing live firing at Sennybridge.

    Believe me he was a loon at school as well but a bloody tough, wiry, cocky loon. Chucked himself down the middle of a spiral staircase, 2 floors and broke his ribs just because someone said he wouldn't have the guts to try it.
  7. He is the archetypal Royal officer...would rather spend six months climbing an icy mountain in a singlet than go on the pull and bod!
  8. I met an RTR officer who shared a flat with him at uni- he said he'd go out on the piss, stay up all night, then go for a bonkers-arduous run across snowy hills.
  9. Mate of mine was a Bootie with Bruce and said he was a loon, always on the lash, apparently had some old banger of a car and always thrashed it and trashed still lying abandoned on some ranges somewhere!
  10. Is this the same guy who brought back some tribes people to England?

    Saw a glimpse of a programme, don't know if it was this guy, looked good
  11. Stick fighting isn't that like army shinty :D