Triathlon, a good way to train for THEM selection ?

Just looking at training tips for THEM selection, I know theres plenty of websites out there offering advice, MFAT and the like! However they all seem to be frequented by top class walts, offering advice on stuff they clearly have no idea about (bar what they have read in books).
I'm currently doing alot of triathlon training mixed in with a few tabs and abit of hill/nav time when i can.
I'm aware afew ARRSE members have attempted selection, and maybe even gotten badged, all i want is abit of 'advice' on how people went about preparing for it!

I've obviously talked to people in my unit that have attempted previous courses, but knowledge being power and all that shite, abit more advice and afew more tips wouldnt go amiss.

Any extra advice for a winter selection course would also be appreciated!

Fitness has to be specific. The best way to train for Selection is to get out on the Hills as often as possible. Running is also a priority; I'd advise a minimum of 4 - 5 runs per week, varying the speed and distance. For example, two 4 mile runs, an 8 mile run and a long run of 12 miles.

Since you will also need to pass the UKSF Swimming Test, you'll have to put some time in at your local pool.

Weight training is not a priority for Selection, but a bit of extra strength does not hurt. If you have the time, a couple of sessions a week at the gym is fine. Remember to do plenty of bodyweight exercises like press-ups, dips etc.

Prioritise: if you have to chose between a Hill session and a run, get out on the Hills. If you have to chose between a run and the pool/gym, go a run.
The swim test is easy, the 10mtre high entry is a bitch though.
Do single leg press exercises, you should be pushing 1.5 times your body weight on each leg. (briefing from our R.I and physio)
Make sure you have plenty of time to prepare; 23 SAS advises a minimum of 3 months preperation before starting Selection.

As to Winter Frank pointed out, the only real way to prepare for the Hills Phase is to get out on the Hills as much as possible. Apart from fizz, it also develops map reading skills, which are absolutely vital.

Good luck! :D
No, triathlon is not specific enough. It would not hurt though.

Get out into the hills, with a pack not too much weight, just enough to make you work 30-35lbs. Get lots of distance in 20 miles plus hikes once a week at least in all weather. Practice map reading. Lots of slow hill work.
some weight training, lower body though and lots of stretching and massage if you can get it. Swimming does help. At this point take it all at a slow pace. Selection will come as a swift kick in the arse and the tabbing is the hardest physically an more so mentally. You don't have to be a racing snake but just have a good solid pace.

I know I failed selection because I did not do the work beforehand. The lads that did passed and they were not superhuman they just did their homework and had the mental strength to never stop moving. Also winter can be a bitch I failed on the fan dance because of the cold and snow.
I dont remember a swim followed by a bike ride followed by a run being part of test week in '97. Think about what you are going to do on the course and work your training around that. Anything that will improve your fitness will be beneficial but in the main you need to be getting up in the hills to:
Improve your nav
get a good pair of boots sorted
Get your admin squared away
Increase your stamina
build up muscles in your back and shoulders to get used to carrying a bergen for long periods of time.

The weather can be grim in the winter but you have all the kit you need to keep warm and dry. Its up to you if you use it or not, see above re admin.
blobmeister said:
The swim test is easy, the 10mtre high entry is a bitch though.
Do single leg press exercises, you should be pushing 1.5 times your body weight on each leg. (briefing from our R.I and physio)
Did this on a sea survival course. Piece of piss! Sadly I'm not up to the rest of it! ;)
A mate of mine went a few years ago and said during the first few days he felt really out of place by the body beutiful types who had turned up wearing their army triathlon team t-shirts etc however after a few days these were amongst the ones who started to fall by the wayside.
S_G Already done, and i've taken the fact that, this is the Army RUMOUR Service into account, However as stated before, knowledge is power and any tips are appreciated. Ultimately i'll decide how i'm going to train for it, but any ideas i can pick up that sound good, i'll implement into my training regime!
Thanks for the input anyway ;)

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