Trial Separation

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by delinquent, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. Okay, I throw myself to the mercy of the arrse community in an effort to cheer myself up - for a while now I've been stuck in a relationship that is complete bollocks and only really hung around for the sake of my son. However after several months of telling her I'm not happy and trying to work at it it came to a head last night when I got drunk and left my computer on with an MSN chat with my ex arranging to meet up and have sex.

    Fast forward to this morning approximately 10 minutes ago when the wife says she saw the message last night when I left the computer on.

    Apart from commending me for being a mong of the highest order she says she feels the same that we're stuck in this relationship and that perhaps we should have a trial separation.

    I nod thinking sh*t I'm dehydrated and so here I am trying to get the water down my neck whilst contemplating whats next. I've arranged to stay at my parents summer home while we sort things out. But don't know what's next.

    So, with the wisdom of the masses - I await your advice. (Never know there may be some nuggets of wisdom in them)
  2. Try and shag someone other than your ex as well, no point in going backwards.
  3. All that, and try to remember that your nipper should not suffer because of your poor life/wife choices. Stay as friendly as you can with your soon to be ex, and don't involve the poor little bugger in any arguments.

    And when your ex has custody, getr balls deep in as many durty dorii as possible!
  4. Perhaps she wants to shag someone else too.

    While your trial seperation is in place you should think about the following :

    What if she is gettting rogered sensless and won't want me back ?

    What if I find someone else ?
  5. fully agree with all of the above, get in the gym if not already, restart some of your old interests that birds/relationships often stiffle.

    get your mates & go for shagfests in towns renown for loose women, i will recommend Whitley Bay on a fri/sat night :wink:
  6. What he said and get tickets to the army and navy
  7. get on plenty slags on there split from the wife 2 years ago gutted at the time best thing that ever happened :D
  8. Ok this is going to sound boring.....

    a] try booking in to see a relate councillor. Whatever happens you can always look back and remember you gave it a try

    b] run,exercise and give up drinking [if things dont work out you will need all your resources...]

    c] Be generous [even through gritted teeth ] It makes you a better person and life is easier in the long run.

    d] remember whatever happens you will always be a" dad "to your son and your partner will always be a "mum" to the same person. You both have to remember that.,,,Stay on good terms...hurt passes and kids are more important than either of you

    e] Start to do something interesting.....[and different][no not 14 pints of stella every night..]

    f] If you do split up dont commit to any other long term relationship for a while.....[yes yes you can do all the single guy stuff but dont just move in with someone else][and yes it does happen....]

    Ok its pretty boring but "trial separation" normally mean "practice divorce"

    Seek advice re family law and dont stop talking....

    Best of luck !!

    [and there is always Whitley Bay..]
  9. Right all of that........PLUS:
    In order for the lad not to suffer you need to stay on top terms with your soon to be ex, so post me a picture and I'll see if she is fit enough for me to batter her back doors in for you! They all love it up em!!
  10. You are all heart RG
  11. And I've got a good size knob :p

    I'm not offering this for myself you understand 8O
  12. Oh I can see that almost taking one for the team
  13. No such thing as a trial separation - as already said above read 'practice divorce' - if you get on each other's tits now you will again after a few weeks back together following your trial separation plus, if you're not really open minded you're going to have all the suspicions that go with being apart for any period of time, especially when you both know you want to start boning others.

    Plentyoffish and lots of other sites - can't praise them enough. There are loads of girlies out there who just want to blow your stack and if you get fed up of that there are also some who want something a bit more lasting (give them a false name and locstat)........and of course don't forget, in the interests of getting a good seeing to on the first night out you will be expected to become a Walt of the Highest Order and report back with all episodes of such Walting to the appropriate thread.

    Before this though, have you thought of spicing up your life together by engaging your present missus in some bi-sexual love fests with you, two other girlies and a mate (if she or said lesbos are fit, I'm, not doing anything next weekend).
  14. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    What about the one you are seperating from? Does she need comforting in any way?
  15. You're right OFH, never go back........... OFH will do her for you :wink: