Trial PCS jacket in DPM

O.k this is for all you geardo's and kit tarts I have a trial PCS jacket / shirt size 180/96. Its made from a light weight DPM cloth. I'll put put up some phot's when I get my camera working.
sorry about that
Does that mean I can ask £40 for my 180/112 then ? There must be airsofters willing to pay more than that. "VERY rare / SAS issue" etc, etc, blah, blah, blah .... ;-)
Why yes, but I could do with the smaller size really,, because I'm not the biggest guy going. I haven't really seen any others ans all you have to do to get airsofters to buy it is say that its special in some way ;)
Sorry mate but that went last year. but there are a few on flea bay if you look

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