Trial of Charles Taylor opens in The Hague

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. Trial of Charles Taylor opens in The Hague
    Wasn't aware one could boycott ones own war crimes trial? 8O
  2. Well you can certainly not agree to show up or make such a commotion in court that they keep you back in your cell in which case you get tried in absentina. That or they just tie you to the chair and gag you like they did to one guy back in the 70s in Chicago IIRC. :)
  3. The prisoner should be hauled in the dock and made to sit and listen to his crimes.
    For child soldiers alone he should swing.
  4. But funny enough,Taylor sacked his lawyer ,opting to represent himself and when that lawyer attempted to exit the court, having been made redundant, he was severely reprimanded by the President/Chief Judge of the court for doing so. Should be an interesting trial.
  5. ...a straight jacket & a cattle prod should do the trick:)

    (is the tail wagging the dog or wot?)
  6. there are a great many more of the 'great and [not so] good' who are as deserving of a chair in that particular edifice...

    Perhaps a list could be compiled, starting now...

    1. Bush 41, 43, et al
    2. (reserved)
    3. Ze Bildeberger Crowd (barring none)
    4. All *ankers (only the important khazar variety)
    5. Every politician (excluding George Galloway, Ron Paul)
    6. Every lickspittle (civil service + military wo/men included)
    7. Every crooked judge and/or person with professional / legal qualifications
    8. Every bent copper / screw / traffic warden (bent or otherwise)
    9. Every lying bastuard in the media, i.e., the lot of 'em
    10. <Add yer own candidate here>