Trial of 2 in Brutal Murders of Family Raises Issue of Death Penalty

Should they get life or death?

  • Death Penalty

    Votes: 7 87.5%
  • Life in Prison

    Votes: 1 12.5%

  • Total voters
The death penalty is too easy for this waste of oxygen. He should be slowly tortured to death, on Pay Perview, and the proceeds given to the surviving family members.
he should be kneecapped and then sent into a minefield to do a bit of mine clearing. When he hits a mine, he should be then left for the animals to have something to scoff on.
I grew up in Cheshire, CTand the wife and I were members of the Cheshire junior chamber of commerce with Dr. & Mrs. Petit. Knew them only in the most casual of fashion but they were good people who did right by their neighbors and community. The two bastards that commited the atrocity against their family deserve nothing more than a swift execution and burial in an unmarked grave.

As a side note, to give you an idea how much it has impacted the area, during the last election an assclown of a candidate decided to run an ad depicting the childhood home of one of the killers with a sign for his opponent in the yard despite the place being owned by a totally differant family now. Backfired on him and the local voters made sure he got the message such nonsense was not appropriate or tolerated as he lost by a signifigant margin.
For most cases I definitely do not believe in the death penalty. However I think there should be some exceptions for the more inhumane crimes committed. This is one of thoses cases where the death penalty should probably be used.

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