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This poem was written by Bill Webster and tells the tale of Harry West, Nobby and Bill when they served together in the Grenadier Guards. They are still great friends today and are members of East Kent Branch of the Grenadier Guards Association. I trust some will feel at home with it.

Tria Juncta in Uno

We first met in barracks at Windsor,
To fight for our country you see,
Just eighteen years old, and no whiskers,
Old Harry and Nobby and Me.

The Guards were a tough lot to serve with,
Said the Sergeant who stood six foot three,
But we took to it, like ducks take to water,
Old Harry and Nobby and Me.

They taught us to carry a rifle,
And sometimes a Bren Gun Mark Three,
We all got a badge as a marksman,
Old Harry and Nobby and Me.

The Grenadiers march to perfection,
They even put Bromide in tea,
But we still sometimes had an erection,
Old Harry and Nobby and Me.

We got ourselves into the signals,
All part of the training you see,
Twas a bloody sight better than drilling,
Old Harry and Nobby and Me.

To learn the Morse code wasn’t easy,
It meant pressing a sensitive key,
But we all helped each other to grasp it,
Old Harry and Nobby and Me.

Sometimes when a rule had been broken,
And we each got ourselves some C.B.
We’d still be together spud bashing,
Old Harry and Nobby and Me.

We never came late to the Cook House,
A wise move you’d surely agree,
By stealth we could double our rations,
Old Harry and Nobby and Me.

At demob the “Chicko’s” all pleaded,
Sign on for a while was their plea,
But we wanted our new suits and trilby’s,
Old Harry and Nobby and Me.

It was then that we all should have parted,
To go our own way now we’re free,
But the “Bill Browns” held us together,
Old Harry and Nobby and Me.

Now the years have rolled by without measure,
But we still get “Fell In” annually,
I hope we can march on for ever,
Old Harry and Nobby and Me.

So should you bump into three Grandads,
And their ties “Blue Red Blue” you can see,
It’s a pound to a pinch that you’ve spotted,
Old Harry and Nobby and Me.

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